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Family Partnership Home Study Charter School Reviews

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I would not have been able to finish high school without this. My mom got really sick, and my mental health went downhill rapidly. The teachers here are fabulous and genuinely care about our well being and work to put our mental health first. Being able to stay home and take care of myself and my mom every day instead of being forced to sit in classes that bored me was one of the best possible things for my life. I apreciate my teachers and the oppurtunities my school gave me more than anyone could know.
This school, as a home schooling program does not focus on athletics and is not large enough to have sports teams. Although they do encourage and give credit for recorded physical education done at home and can be almost any favorite activity chosen by the student. I used to Skateboard and Play Hacky Sack, go on a hike, or even surf! .
This school was really great for kids that learn by doing because it aallows kids to substitute projects out for class units. great concept.
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School administration is great. Very nice people motivated to help kids succeed. There aren't a large amount of policies because most work is done off campus. There is no problems between students at the school.
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