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Family Partnership Charter School Reviews

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Overall I found Family Partnership Charter School to be a great investment in my high school career. I was able to take college classes, participate in National Honors Society, and other after school events. Family Partnership Charter School's teachers and faculty were helpful and really cared about the students. The students in my classes were all kind and ready to learn. There were not any sports opportunities but you were able to join a sports team through the local high schools of your choice. My favorite part of the school was the opportunity to take charter classes, college classes, or just do classes online or under the supervision of your parent. The school was also great at helping you in whatever you needed. Overall, I would highly recommend Family Partnership Charter School as the school you trust your education to.
What I like about Family Partnership Charter School is that it gives us students the ability to tailor our education to suit our individual needs. Since it is a homeschooling program, it allows me to work at my own pace. I was also given more freedom in choosing my own classes.
What I would like to see change in the future is that the school provides a permanent location for students to join with teachers and take classes. As of right now, two times a week students travel to a church which is about 25 minutes from the actual school. Only once a week do they meet directly at the school. For some that may not be a problem, but I live about 30 minutes from the school, so to drive two times a week out to the church can be a hassle sometimes.
At Family Partnership your able to have a fantastic learning experience and get 101 with teachers 100% dedicated to making sure your grasping the curriculum to the fullest extent.
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It was great! I'm sad that I only got to spend my senior year here. The access to the School District's resources was a big plus, and it definitely opened more doors than were open at my other school.
The school had greay trips to historical sites and the teachers put in a lot of effort with the students. The teachers also had quite a few less students per classroom than most schools so they could sit down with individual students.
Teachers there cared about the students and would often stay after classes ended to talk with struggling students and help who ever they could.
I would choose this school again because they put a reasonable amount of students to one teacher imstead of cramming the classrooms full. This allows teachers more one on one time and to move quicker through subjects. In some classes we would get through entire text books in one semester when some schools couldn't even get through half in a book in a year. I really felt like I learned and could apply what I learned. I would choose this school again for the great teachers and the opportunities that other schools couldn't provide.
While some teachers were kind of average and just wanted the students to do their work quietly some teachers went beyond even their own expectations. There are still teachers that I love to this day that came from that school and were the best I ever had. They individually sat with each student to help them and teach them while still making sure everbody learned and was on track. They were funny, enlightening, and caring. They gave as mant second chances as you needed as long you proved yourself in the end. I hope they're all still teaching and making other kids happy.
I loved going to FPCS. It was fun and flexible. The teachers were friendly and willing to help you with anything. The amount of flexibility made it awesome for adventuring out into Alaska.
It's okay, it's really lonely and you have to study hard. The teachers aren't much help and they give you really hard work.
I loved my last two years of high school because of this school!
Everything was good and fair.
I LOVED all my teachers!!
I love the options I have! III choose my education
There are ALL different kinds of students here
I know there are many extracurricular programs available but I myself do not take part in any. I work two part-time jobs so I don't have time.
The biggest attraction for me to FPCS is the flexibility. You can take classes all across Anchorage with all different goals in mind. I have had the privalage of taking college courses at our local college receiving dual credit. That helps me greatly in the ultimate higher education goals.
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Being a charter school many kids, including myself, only go to one or two classes. That being the case many services necessary in a public do apply. I have never felt unsafe or neglected while being at FPCS.
My teacher was helpful and friendly, I even got to go over to her house for help. If it wasn't for my teacher I don't think I could've done as well as I did.
I was homeschooled, but when there was events for the school the food was good.
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