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My experience has been absolutely amazing. I love the way they are always there for you. I've learned so much and, thanks to FCA of East Tn, I'll be better prepared for college and my future! FCA is an top-notch school!
I disliked this school because it was hard to get anything done. We asked for transcripts and never got them. They messed up my grades several times.
This school is all about taking your money without much in return. Our son went there for 4 months and was medically unable to continue. We provided medical documentation, had numerous conversations... all they cared about was getting the money contractually obligated to them.
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Correspondence from school to parent is very slow if you're a home school student. I had a hard time accessing the work on my account, and they never tell you when they have to pay. They just cut it off if you don't call them in time enough. They even gave me a dirty, used cap and gown for her graduation. I had to hassle them to send another one before graduation. The school isn't awful, but if you're not going to stay on them, don't bother.
The two women that work in the Blountville office are so friendly. I’ve met with Wendy mostly and she is so helpful and takes time to stop and help with whatever you may need whether it’s related to classes, to scholarships, to getting ready to graduate, etc.
I have been enrolled at Family Christian Academy for over 5 years now and I love the people there. The staff has always been amazing, and the teachers are friendly. I love the Christian focus there.
It was a good choice for my daughter, however it wasn't necessarily the same experience with my son. He had learning issues and needed a little extra and often wouldn't get phone calls back. Overall they are helpful but I think they need a bit more help or perhaps a prompt way in helping the families and returning phone calls.
Participated in home education program. The school could be more supportive but still does a decent job of working with home education families.
I am not able to participate in the extracurricular activities at the school.
I really like my school, but wish I could be more involved.
The teacher dedicates her life to her students.
Family Christian Acadamy is a great school, excellent teachers as well as excellent material
Teachers at Family Christain acadamy are dedicated to teaching their students. As well as interested in the student's education
Parental involvement is essential to a homeschool experience. FCA provides the needed advice to those families.
As a homeschool organization, FCA is completely against bullying.
As a homeschool umbrella school, the parents control a majority of the policies, discipline, etc.
Family Christian Academy is the best umbrella school for homeschool families in Tennessee.
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I grearly enjoyed learning from the teachers involved in my high school education, as well as forming positive relationships that have lasted after graduation.
Under FCA, my homeschool experience taught me how to effectively manage my time between a consistent part time job, extra curriculars, and academic obligations.
The teachers are the best here than any I've seen anywhere!
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