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False River Academy is good school that allows their students to have multiple opportunities to achieve their goals in life. They have a very welcoming staff that is willing to help and guide students. False River Academy makes it possible for a student to partake in the opportunity of participating in dual enrollment classes. They have a wonderful pre-k and after school programs. False River Academy also has multiple clubs, such as: 4-H, FCA, National Honor Society, Jr. Beta, and Sr. Beta.
A different atmosphere from most high schools. Very close family oriented friendships and loyalties. Well mannered and Morales.
Very small school, good environment just wish they prepared you for the act more. I've taken the act 3 times and can't get over a 17 me along with many of my classmates.. there's little to no preparation
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My time at FRA was great. I have great memories with friends and teachers. We were always one big family.
My experience at False River Academy has been quite pleasant. The teachers and students pull people in as one big family. There is no one person who is left by themselves. One thing that I would like to see change at False River is the amount of club academic actuvities and more people volunteering to help out.
False River Academy is the best family oriented school around. Small school with lots of one on one hands on teaching. Very pleased with the education my child has received.
I love False River Academy, I really do!
I am not really sure of the admissions required by this school.
False River Academy can be very strict.
All of the clubs are really fun and make sure everyone has a chance to be included.
Our school is in great condition and we always have access to computers and other means of technology.
I have been attending FRA since Pre-K and I absolutely love it! I consider everyone family and I have never had a problem with the school or anyone there!
I feel very safe at False River Academy.
I absolutely love this school!
Our prinicipal, Melanie Ezell, is a great principal. Not only does she keep the school in order, but she is very supportive of all the students. Even though the teachers can be strict, they are always willing to help.
At False River Academy, extracurricular activities are very limited. The activities we do have are great. False River Academy is a small private school therefore, the staff gives us what they can. Although there are not many activities, the ones that we do have we take very seriously. We have many clubs at our school and the atmosphere at False River Academy is amazing!
The facilities are OK with the upkeep. The janitors try to keep things in order. Technology is there but it's mainly used as a supportive tool. There was a guidance counselor who did a great job with scholarships ($1 million+ with a class of 37) his last year and getting students to go to college but he left. Since then there hasn't been nearly the amount of scholarships or guidance for the students. There are some college-prep courses but they have been watered down somewhat in the past year. Teachers are not held responsible to teach. In the last year there has been more worksheets and "busy work' in the classes. The parent involvement has slackened in the past year because the parents are not encouraged to participate. The PTA was 50+ and this past year it is less than one dozen. The parish provides busing but students outside the parish don't have a bus as they did in the past years. The principal felt that it was too much of a liability so she discontinued it.
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There is a very serious bullying problem. The administration,in the high school especially, has been alerted many times but refuses to act on it. We have lost some families due to this and yet nothing from the H.S. principal or the board of directors has taken place. There is no nurse. There was a retired nurse that volunteered 3 days a week but she was hindered by the administrator that she simply quit. The school used to have fire drills once a month. Now it's less. People are allowed to enter the school without checking in with the office (high school). The elementary and jr. high administrators keep a close watch on this though.
The school needs more college prep resources. Technology is terrible at school.
I think that the administration focuses more on uniform policies than academics.
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