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I just recently graduated from Falmouth. Although I received a wonderful education and loved almost every single one of my teachers, some of the kids in this school are really awful. There is almost no diversity, and if you don't play sports, you might have a hard time fitting in. There is definitely a lot of cliques, and many kids are not very welcoming at all, especially if you come in later in the year.. just something to think about. I loved the guidance office and I had some great conversations with some of the staff. Teachers, like I said, are almost all amazing
I loved the opportunities and community Falmouth High School provided me with. The teachers and administration were caring and supportive, pushing all students to do their best.
In a lot of ways, Falmouth High School provides a lot of opportunities that many students would not receive from other schools, which makes FHS unique. On the other hand, these opportunities may not always provide the best experiences for some students in the minority groups due to the lack of diversity.
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FHS was an excellent place to learn. It taught me the value of global citizenship, encouraged me to think outside the box, and taught me valuable life skills.
For the most part, Falmouth is great. The academics are terrific, except in some classes. The teachers are personable, except for a few. The clubs and activities are fun, except when there's no room for creativity. It's a great school but it's not perfect. The administration is wonderful about addressing an issue, but only if it comes to their attention. Often times, they don't even know there is an issue until a student or another faculty member informs them. However, as a student, I feel extremely safe in the school and feel as if I can talk to majority of my teachers if I need advice or just a minute to blow off some steam. There are so many opportunities that Falmouth offers it's students and if in ten or twnety years, if I end up living in Maine, I will most likely send my kids to Falmouth.
I would improve on the diversity and inter-class interactions and discussions. Perhaps bring in more outside of school speakers from various places not like our community.
Falmouth high school is a great academic and school. Though it is public, it is very similar to the experience and value you would get from a private school. Falmouth is a rich white town with little diversity, which will hopefully change in the future.
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Falmouth High School has definitely prepared me very well for college; the teachers are amazing- supportive, interested in their students' lives, and highly knowledgeable- and there are so many opportunities available. The students are high-achieving and intelligent for the most part. The students are competitive however and the recent influx of students has caused some space issues, mostly because the building is poorly designed and was not built to accommodate the amount of students that it houses.
Falmouth High School pushes its students to achieve in the classroom in most subjects. It could focus more on supporting students to achieve kind and respectful relationships with one another. This said, there are many individuals that do encourage good citizenship at the school. The extracurriculars at Falmouth are quite top-notch. The administration is good about encouraging students to pursue their interests through the establishment of clubs.
Incredible teaching staff and principal who are also engaged with students. Academics are high, and have a new STEM and Arts program. Many opportunities for sport, clubs, extracurricular activities. Few discipline issues. A great school!
Falmouth is a great high school with caring teachers and students. The environment is friendly and kids who take advantage of the school can get a great education. The school offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of students. Most of the teachers are good but some lack enthusiasm and motivation to teach.
Falmouth is one of the strongest public schools in country. With it's great faculty and programs it will help you reach your full potential as a student.
Top notch education in Maine. There's high expectations of achievement and college attendance which is sometimes a bad thing. The administration can be a bit challenging and a lot of the students are well off and uncultured, but generally everything is pretty desirable.
Top Notch school with engaged teachers and great resources. Course selection is quite vast, service- learning opportunities and great athletics and arts program.
I absolutely loved FHS. I think the biggest contribution to this was how close knit our school community was. Everyone was super friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I think something that set us apart from other schools was our academics - everyone cared about their grades and wanted to do well, which only further prepared me for college. Combine that with the multitude of sports/clubs that everyone is involved in and FHS has some of the most well rounded students Ive met.
Falmouth, in general, is a very established school with many resources that students can use to make the most out of their high school experience. There is a broad range of classes with varying difficulties that can appeal to everyone. One downfall is that the school is particularly preppy with many social cliques, with a lack of diversity. But besides that, Falmouth Public Schools always provides students with all the right ingredients to mak ethe most out of their learning expierence
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Great high school. My class and before had students going to Ivy leagues and great colleges thanks to the effort of the teachers and staff.

My only complaint is that the school is trying to get rid of OLD school traditions due to parents complaining about "bullying." There is no bullying here, and if there is, I didn't see it. The students are connected and all know eachother.
The school definitely makes sure the kids know the dangers of drinking and driving and using drugs. I personally have learned how stupid it is to drink and drive from all the school assemblies and so does everyone else. There is no bullying that I have seen in my four years here. The school is a safe place to be 24/7.
The sports at Falmouth are excellent. This school has a lot to be proud of. Its a hard school to compete against and the students here love sports. Falmouth use to win a lot more state championships but ever since we moved up to Class A we haven't won a lot. But for the most part sports and extracurricular activities are excellent here.
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