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Falmouth High School has been a great experience overall! I have felt like I have been able to succeed both socially and academically and am extremely prepared for college.
A lot of the teachers are very very good. The student body could be more diverse, very classist. A lot of the students that play sports well are allowed to pretty much get away with a lot. I learned a lot through the AP courses but the competition between students was damaging.
Falmouth High School gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and grow the way I wanted to. The teachers and staff are compassionate, respectful and committed to being the best person they can be for their students. I will admit, I the guidance department should work harder to be more accepting of students major choices when deciding on where they want to go for college.
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In short, Falmouth High School is a fine school to attend. The majority of teachers are earnest and encouraging when it comes to the success of their students. With the math department, getting a good teacher is hit-or-miss, but both the english and science departments are great. As far as administration goes, the current administrators (as of 2018) are a bit strict but they appear to have noble intentions. The custodial staff works very hard so that Falmouth High School is rarely spotless. Like most schools, the cafeteria food isn't 5 stars, but it is edible and offers meals for a variety of diets (vegetarian, gluten free, etc).
I've gone to Falmouth Public schools for my entire academic career. I definitely think they are unique in their high quality academics, other opportunities and over all welcoming atmosphere. I never though I would be saying this, but I will miss being a part of the Falmouth Public Schools. They have prepared me well and I am excited to start the next colligate chapter of my life. It is all very bittersweet.
Falmouth High has some of the best academic facilities including 3d printers and STEM labs. The teachers are mostly fantastic and the courses are both rigorous and cater to most fields of interest as they include forensic science, psychology, criminology, and anatomy. The arts program at the school is strong and the music programs are incredible with 4 different bands and multiple choruses that include a student-run acapella group. The district administration is known to be stubborn and uncooperative at times, however, the majority of the faculty are very understanding. There is a wide variety of sports, including a state chamption football team.
This school was a great experience. It was a very welcoming place with some of the kindest teachers (especially guidance counselors). I felt very well prepared for college. However, I wish there would have been more options to choose from and that I would have had the opportunity to try more fields
I'm a rising senior, and my overall experience was pretty good! Most of the teachers are genuine and want to help you succeed, and there's a competitive atmosphere. However there are probably more people at the school either don't try at all/don't care about their education, than hard working people.
Falmouth High has some of the best teachers I have come across. Having put 4 children through school, I have had an opportunity to meet many teachers over the years. Falmouth's teachers, care and are there for their students. I only wish my older three children had an opportunity to go through the Falmouth school system.
Falmouth High School offers a diverse environment for students and caters to many needs of students. The teachers are willing and able to help students of all academic levels and the programs offered provide structure and discipline. The adjustment counselors are very helpful in the college and scholarship application processes.
Amazing resources- wonderful community. Safe learning environment, engaged teachers. Athletics- competitive
Falmouth High School was a big transition for me coming from a middle school with a dress code. My freshman year I did not participate in sports or clubs until my sophomore year. After my first month of freshman year I felt like I finally fit in and wasn't a nobody. Now my senior year i'm there, playing multiple sports and on honor roll, finally feeling accomplished in the school. My school just needs to work on spirit and fairness in the school as a whole.
I am a Junior at Falmouth Highschool and it is a great school with really nice and welcoming students. The teachers at Falmouth are amazing and incredibly accomodating to student with unconventional needs.
Falmouth High School has many teachers who care and are engaged in student progress.
Falmouth High School offers students all of the opportunities they need to go on to any university or career in the world, as long as the student takes advantage of them.
All teachers go above and beyond
I feel completely safe at all times during the school day at Falmouth High. Bullying is rarely an issue due to the no-guff program, and students are well educated on what to do if they encounter a bully, regardless of whether they are a victim or a bystander. If a student finds something wrong, teachers in the building are very approachable, and are willing to do everything in their power to help their students to feel welcome and that they are in a safe environment. The school nurse is very knowledgeable and knows what's best for the school's students with whatever predicament they come her for. The school handles emergencies that could endanger the students very well, and has done a superb job at preparing students on what to do for such emergencies.
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There is a wide array of opportunity for students to find something suitable for them to do after school and t is very possible for students to start groups of their own. Whether a student is a musician, artist, athlete, or anything in between, there's something for them.
My experience at FHS hasn't been the best, but it has been memorable. I've met many great people who I feel I will miss as I depart for college, and I feel that what FHS had to offer was a big part of making that happen. Some of my best memories came from the Falmouth Clipper Marching Band, an opportunity that not every school has access to. Being able to play enjoyable music with my friends while bettering my skills as a musician is something that I am very thankful for, and I am glad that I FHS was able to provide such opportunities to its students.
Everyone is very accepting here at this school.
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