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My experience at Falmouth Academy was nothing short of outstanding. The small class sizes allow for a lot of individual attention in the classroom, and they encourage very tight social bonding outside of them. The curriculum is balanced and prepares a diligent student very well for a successful career at top universities. There has been a lot of turnover of faculty since I graduated, but my instructors were very skilled and they cared about their students. There are myriad opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, especially performing and visual arts. The same goes for sports. My one major complaint about the school is the lack of development of the athletic program, particularly on the boys' side. It would elevate the school if it developed a consistently competitive program across the board. Overall, Falmouth Academy gives its students diverse opportunities to blossom and prepares them for future successes.
FA was like a second home and an extended family. I always knew I could go to teachers if I needed help with ANYTHING - personal or academic.
There are many teachers at my school that are simply amazing. Every year I have a few teachers like that, they get me genuinely excited to come to class. However, for every teacher who is great, there is one that is just awful, that everyone hates with a passion. Along with the good and the bad, most teachers end up falling somewhere in the middle at Falmouth.
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Ehhhhh... This school is super meh. I have had a really mediocre experience. The teachers don't care. Everyone's dumb.
Falmouth Academy is fantastic for students seeking an intellectual environment with individualized support and personal attention. Falmouth Academy's small class sizes help students grow to their full potential. Student's are positioned well to gain admission to and succeed at elite colleges and universities.
The school is a wonderful, accepting enviroment for all students. The teachers are kind and understanding.
The classes were small so you were always involved. I think there were some tensions socially that could have been made better.
Falmouth Academy is full of fabulous students and teachers. Honestly, the students keep in touch with the teachers long after graduation because of the close relationships developed over the years. I love the trust and respect that the school holds for the students; it makes us feel older and respected. My only complaint would be the extremely small graduating classes, although it does create a true family feel. FA has many long lasting traditions that remain unique to the school like "Grandparents' Day" and "Hugs and Kisses" (chocolate distributed to the students before winter break). Parents have many opportunities to become involved as well. Sports teams (especially boys' teams) do not usually have many wins, but that doesn't affect the positivity of the team, in fact, it draws the team to just have fun rather than worry too much about the final score.
The school is small and staff and or upper clansmen seem to be aware of issues rather quickly.
You have kids who normally would not of try out but wanted to possible be interested in running for clubs or offices to explore extracurricular opportunities.
The school is a place where students are encourage to try new experiences rather it be singing or playing sports. It challenges you to learn small hidden talents or interests.
The school is more like a community than a school. The class room size is 7 students to 1 teacher. The school really gets to know each children and there families. The environment is very productive for learning the challenging material. All students have went on to major academic institutions.
Learning does not stop when class ends. The students are very intellectual and curious, and very often continue class discussions outside of school. This school will prepare you very well to gain admission at a very selective college and do very well there.
Falmouth Academy has a "know where you are" policy, and students are generally very well behaved. There is a disciplinary committee to decide punishments for severe offenses, but the committee only needs to meet once a year if that. There is a dress code which requires a colored shirt or sweater for boys. No one can wear clothing with logos or words on them except college names. No one is allowed to wear jeans.
Falmouth Academy only has soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. The teams are generally pretty good, especially at lacrosse. Anyone who wants to play a sport is able to at with the JV or varsity level. An average amount of students come to sports games.
The teachers at Falmouth Academy are there because they love teaching high achieving and motivated students. They are always available if students need extra help, and even give students their phone numbers and encourage them to call with any questions on homework.
Falmouth Academy only has three sports, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. There are also two plays per year along with three concerts for the Jazz band, chamber orchestra, and chorus.
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Falmouth Academy has the parents and the students fill out an application, then the student spends as day at the school going to classes and then interviews at the end of the day. Prospective students take the SSAT.
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