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Fallston is an extremely welcoming environment. There are dozens of groups, clubs, and activities. Ranging from anime club to varsity football, there truely is something for everybody. There hasn’t been a student yet who hasn’t deeply connected with a teacher. The warm staff and inclusive nature of the building make going to school something to look forward to.
Most of the teachers are great, they really care about the students educations. The building it’s self is run down, there’s very little windows, and there’s “cheese grater” walls that hurt when a student bumps into it. The administration cares a lot about the schools reputation but most of the time they like to forget that there are programs other than just sports. Lastly, the student body gets a long of the most part, there’s a lot of cliques. There’s a fight maybe twice a year, a couple bad things happen hear and there but relatively it’s a good school to go to.
I had an overwhelmingly positive high school experience. Most of my classes were at least somewhat interesting and most of my teachers were genuine in their interactions with students and they could sufficiently teach their respective subjects. A very friendly atmosphere exists among students, and clubs and sports are active and adept. Some of the teachers were also truly exceptional, either in teaching ability, personality, or both (Ex. G. Taylor, J. Grant, V. Saxon, R. Jones, B. White, C. McLeod), and made every class a truly informative and entertaining experience.

Great school overall--sufficiently prepares you for AP exams but doesn't emphasize enough on how useful AP credit actually is for getting a head start in college.
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Fallston High School provided a strong learning environment for me. My teachers enabled me to achieve the goals I set for myself and prepare myself for the field I wanted to pursue in college. Sports was not my avenue for extra circular activities; however, I did enjoy and excel in Academic Team and the Drama department. Both departments offered challenging experiences and created strong friendships.
As a parent, I am very pleased with the school. I am fortunate to see my son participate in a variety of sports and academic clubs. The teachers are responsive to requests by email and take an active role in following up with with your child directly. The school has high standards.
Fallston is an average school. So much emphasis is put on the kids who excel. Average and below average kids are pretty much just pushed through. Opinions will definitely vary as with any school. Being a parent of both average and below average students I was not impressed.
Fallston High School is a great school for those focusing on bettering themselves through education. If you put effort into your work, the teachers put the same effort back into you, allowing personal growth that lasts long after high school and college. I am hoping that over time, the students will develop a community of uniform respect, because there are a select few who seem to disregard the importance of it.
Fallston is a good school, though it’s not a diverse area. There have been several cases of racist behaviors that the administration had said o deal with.
The atmosphere was inviting and the school had plenty extracurriculars, clubs, and sports to offer. The staff and student were very friendly and it is easy to get involved in school events.
Fallston is a good school that allows you freedom when choosing classes and fun events such as spirit week always puts people in a good mood. However, there are a few teachers who are annoying and there have been one or two racist/threat-related incidents. Overall, Fallston prepares students for success while also allowing fun.
Fallston high school is very undiverse and single minded. Although there are people trying to fix that i would not want my children to go there.
The school is in a safe community with great support from the parents, excellent teachers, strong academics and a wide range of extracurricular activities. The public school food is not very appealing.
In my past 4 years, Fallston has been great. Teachers that are always looking to help and make kids achieve in life and move on to college.
The sports teams are really good and going to the games are fun since many of the students get involved. There is not that much diversity at the school. Most of the teachers are good, but you can always talk to an adviser if you wish to be in another class.
The teachers are very caring, and amazing instructors. The administration is always looking out for you, to make sure you have the resources to succeed.
I have been very happy at FHS. The culture is very inclusive, the students push themselves, and the extracurricular activities are diverse. The facilities are currently being updated so that should improve that area.
Fallston High School is a good school. It has many challenging classes with teachers who are eager to help students succeed. I feel that the school should try to help more students feel included, so they have a greater desire to come to school.
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Fallston is a nice environment and has great academics and staff. Wish it had more diversity. The clubs are super fun and sports are competitive. It gets really cold in the winter so bring a blanket. There aren't a lot of windows and some stuff is outdated.
The biggest thing about Fallston is the dynamics of student life. Though culturally static, Fallston has many, many clubs and activities. In the last two years, 4 successful clubs have been added to our school. The teachers are accommodating and willing to work with students to make their ideas come to life.
Due to the lack of diversity in the school, the student body in general is not accepting of African American and other minorities. The school has a very hard time dealing with the undercurrent of racism that exists. Minority students are picked on regularly and there are no systems for them to make faculty aware without a backlash. I urge the principle and other staff to set up some system so that these things can be reported easier. I also encourage anyone reading this to do a search for FHS and you will find examples of some racist incidents.
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