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Fallsburg Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Fallsburg CSD is probably one of the most diverse schools in the New York area. All thought it isn't the cleanest or nicest place to send your kids, it does give them the experience to witness all different types of people. Because the school is so small it also is very easy to become very close with teachers and other staff. Academics may not be the best in Fallsburg, but it definetly gives students real world experiences.
I liked the few good friends I made, as well as some of the nice teachers. The academics need to be fixed as well as the school lunch.
Fallsburg is a wonderful school it doesn’t feel like a place where you just go and learn, it feels like a place of family. I was blessed to attend fallsburg after moving to New York my sophomore year they brought me in a treated me as a family. The facility, kids , even the community is a warm welcoming place to everybody the diversity of the school is what makes the community/school even better.
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Fallsburg is a very culturally supported and comfortable place. Students really feel as though they are all part of. A team getting them ready for a world outside of Fallsburg. Our school has had some renovations that caused us to become better as a district. We have facilities for all types of people and support for whatever they need. We also have student that have never spoken English and Fallsburg has them passing regents left and right. The only think fallsburg needs to excel in is the food aspect. But even for a highschool, our food isn't terrible. It's hard to cook for 600 students so it's understandable. But Fallsburg as a district is a place where kids are free to express themself. Fallsburg is for the kids.
I love the school, the teachers and staff are very supportive and encourage all the students to do their best and help them reach their goals. I also love the diversity the school offers.
I liked my overall experience. Sports are good, i learned a lot got good grades. Food could be better a long with the student involvement and the how the students act with eachother
This school definitely is dedicating to provide maximum safety for its staff members and students. There is always an assigned local police officer patrol around the school area. Students feel safe right here.
The school really provides a variety of extracurricular activities. It allows students to choose to be either physically trained or intellectually trained. The school board also is dedicated to provide essential funding for extracurriculars.
This school's cultural diversity is definitely its spotlight. Besides, most of students can friendly study with each other regardless of people's race or background.
Although I can not say all of the teachers are awesome or wonderful, most of them are responsible and friendly. If you really decide to earn a good grade, most of teachers will help you to the very end to reach your goal!
The art room is always available and the set design club is awesome.
I had fun at school but many would disagree. I liked that there was so much diversity.
I liked my teachers but sometimes they were boring.
Overall I had a great experience at this school
I had a great experience
There's not much to say about the after school program.
I can't speak about parents because , I personally don't know them.
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Only a few teachers really care for students at our school. I wish they help more with students. Especially those students that suffer from depression. Being open minded about students problems at home should be a request but opportunity.
Fallsburg Junior/Senior Highschool is a great school but it also has 1 to many cons that come along with it. They offer great classes, they have a lot of after school acctivities which i think is great so kids arent out there getting into trouble. Students recive a lot of help and study practice when it comes to finals,regents,tests, and SAT exams. The after school studying with teachers helped me out a lot. The one thing i don't like is the school allows to much drama to grow and turn into bigger things then what it needs to. You see a lot of kids getting bullied and no one really doing anything or giving disciplinary actions to those student's that are bullying others. Other then that in overall i would say its an okay school.
The school overall was good. There are not too many friendly people in this school district; therefore, it was hard to make friends. The school is unique due to the different diversities. I would choose this school again only because it made me a more outgoing, friendly individual.
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