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Falls Secondary School Reviews

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I think that the teachers at Falls High School are awesome. I would like to change the amount of negativity.
The teachers are all there to help you and really care about your success. The only downside is the district is really bad with money and that leads to many issues. Also, there is a lack of AP classes, but it does alright for a small school by having CE classes.
Had some very good teachers and some bad. I have noticed school spirit has gone up the past few years.
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It's an okay school, very average. Some teachers there are very good and go above and beyond, others are doing the minimum.
I have attended Falls High School since seventh grade as it is a 7th through 12th grade school. We have the opportunity to participate in the Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program through Rainy River Community College. I currently attend RRCC as I was ready to further my education and take advantage of the opportunity to take college courses while in high school. Many of the staff/faculty at Falls High School dislike the PSEO program and make it very known to us PSEO students. I wish they would be more supportive to those of us who choose to further our education while in high school.
It all depends on the teacher you have, like I said before, most of the teachers love to teach and are great about adapting to different teaching methods. Its just a few teachers that have one way of teaching and that is sometimes hard on a student because not everybody learns the same way. I wish that every teacher could teach in a bunch of different ways. Class schedules are available in advance and they are super duper easy to change. The scheduler/principal is familiar with every student and know whats best for them, he makes it super easy to talk to him about classes and/or changing classes
FHS is in a small town where someone wouldn't expect any danger to happen at the school. That doesn't stop FHS from still instructing lock down drills, drug dog searches, locked doors at all times and visitor sign in sheets. When I am sitting in class, I feel safer at school than I do in my car. FHS has no need for things like metal detectors or Staff ID requirements because the school is so small that everybody knows everybody and can see threats easily.
FHS has a wide variety of extracurriculars available. Some include, Knowledge Bowl, Speech Team, Math Team, Robotics, Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Football, boys/girls Swimming, Drama Club, Cheerleading, boys/girls hockey, Track and field, boys/girls basketball, NHS, Student Council, trap team etc.

For the Sports: All sports has a 0-tolerance for drinking/drug behavior and immediate suspension is set in motion. Attendance is a must other wise, suspension is set in motion. Coaches are always encouraging and supportive.

For the Clubs: attendance and substance abuse is the same as the sports and instructors are involved in the clubs and activities just as a coach would be for a sport.

The clubs and sports at FHS are welcoming to everybody with experience or not. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to join some sort of a club or organization/ sport!!
Overall, the teachers are amazing! With the exception of some teachers having a hard time adjusting to students needs, mostly every teacher is open to new teaching methods and participates in teacher workshops during the school year AND summer time. The teachers have dedicated their lives to teaching kids and making a difference in their lives. Some teachers double as a coach for the many sports that FHS offers or an instructor for the many clubs. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure that students who struggle with learning or struggle with a tough home situation, always have a good and knowledgeable time at school. Some teachers that deffinatly deserve some kind of an award would be Katie Hammers, Alex Ringhoffer, Rachel Amdahl, and Charlie Anderson.
The PBIS program at my high school has made a very positive impact on the staff, students, and the quality of education at FHS. I think that more kids care about their education, along with the education of their peers, a lot more than they ever have before. FHS students take pride in their school, sports, non-sport activities, and reputation. This is a very important thing to have at a high school and because FHS has these things, it creates a chain reaction to care about others as well.

The staff really does care about the students and their education. They want to see the kids graduate and exceed in life. FHS is great!!
we have everything under control! cameras, nurses, principles, teachers are nice and friendly and helpful
kids always have fun and enjoy activities they are in
all parents try to attend their childs activity as much as possible and to support the school and teams, they are the best
the teachers at the school are great! they will listen to you in whatever you got to say! we also really get involved in school spirit and the colors for activities and stuff
The best thing about high school is getting out of high school. I'm doing PSEO at Rainy River and it's awesome. 10/10 Would do again.
Teachers are alright, some much better than others.
Don't pay too much attention to much of them. Apparently we're pretty alright in most things.
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I feel that it's a typical small school experience. Everyone knows everyone. Nothing too exciting.
There are a few good teachers but most put as little effort in as they have to.
There are tons of extracurricular choices at this school. They have lots of options and are always starting new ones.
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