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Falls Lake Academy is a very good school in preparing for college. I believe they do not have a control on the bullying problem in the school. Teachers are very involved and there is a lot of one on one time.
I have been attending Falls Lake Academy for five years now, and this year I will be a part of the first graduating class. There is a reason why I have stayed with the school through my academic career. Falls lake academy has given me more opportunities, support, and the confidence for my future. I feel like I wouldn't be where I am today without all of my wonderful teachers and the dedication they put into their jobs. I can't wait to be one of the first people to ever graduate from the school!
I like the size of it, but I feel like it also hindered my experience. In a way, it was perfect, but imperfect at the same time. We did not have a football team or the stereotypical high school experience. However, the people there made up for it greatly.
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Falls Lake Academy is a very new school and this year is the first year that we will be having Seniors. But other than being a newer school it has classes that are very interesting and that challenges you.
Falls Lake Academy is a great school that prepares you for college at a high level. The school provides a healthy environment that gets all kids involved and makes every kid feel like they have an important role in the school.
I have been a student at Falls Lake Academy since it first opened. I think this school has good intentions. They are very inefficient with making changes. We have been promised many things but never were fulfilled. Although I will say, I have had some of my best teachers here. Those teachers will do anything to help you, coming in early, staying hours after are just a few examples of how the teachers are above average.
Falls Lake Academy was built a few years ago in the Granville county area and is known for being a step up from public schools in the area. The academics are more one-on-one, your presentation skills are put into use to prepare you for college, and there are many opportunities throughout the school year to work on your collaboration and teamwork skills. Students are challenged on a daily basis with their school work, and are expected to perform at a certain level. Depending on who you are as a person and as a student, this school may or may not be the best option for you.
Falls Lake Academy is a growing school with smaller size classes, allowing the teacher to focus more on their individual students. I would like to see a more effective and efficient communication system, because you either get too little information, or to much information.
Falls Lake Academy seems like a good school so far, its very small and parents are heavily involved.
Falls Lake Academy is a relatively new school in an area where there have been schools that have been established for multiple years. Falls Lake does set itself apart from the other schools in the area and due to the smaller class sizes, the academics are more one-on-one. A major problem at this school is that student athletes are sometimes taken more seriously than academic students and students who are involved in the performing arts. Depending on who you are as a student, you may or may not thrive at Falls Lake Academy.
Falls Lake Academy is a new school in the Granville county area with a reputation of having more to offer than the schools around it. At FLA, students are on a 'PBL' system, or Project Based Learning. Each quarter of the year, students are placed into groups and are expected to work together to answer an essential question. These projects allow students to tap into their creative side while improving their collaboration skills and ability to comprehend the meaning behind the question. Because Falls Lake Academy has this unique aspect to it, many are drawn to the school. Students in that school are challenged and not all are ready for the amount of effort it takes to meet the challenge.
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