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Falls City Senior High School Reviews

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ratio of teachers per student is awesome the help is there if you just ask, They know and care about your education. The staff goes beyond the call of duty to make sure you succeed. The coaches are excellent . We may not be a class A school or a "B" but I stand proud to a student of Falls City High School. Everyone is your friend and like family, the city schools may know half or better of there class, I know all of mine and trust them. I have a 4.0 GPA all due to the success of my teaching for a small school you can't another that compares! Check us out on the website to see the schools accomplishments.
We have a decent parking lot. Sometimes teachers are over dramatic. I constantly feel punished for my under achieving students. There isn't much support for the fine arts but it is getting better. The sports teams have too much invested into them. Students would ache if emor wife they had less to do after school.
Some extracurriculars are present. Not really diverse. You have very few to choose from.
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The parents of the children here at FallsCity High are very active and helpful. They kepp everyone present in our activities. They are very supportive of our decisions. They're always there to help us.
My teachers at FallsCity Public High School strive to give us the best education they can. Our teachers keep activities interesting and involve everyone. They try to make it fun for us and educational.
The school nurse is there part of the day, can't tell which part. Bullies are taken care of by the bullied friends. Everyone knows where the security cameras are. The school is safe from external threats, but not so much internal threats.
There are many different sports but not very many nonathletic related clubs.
I would choose this school again because I have made great friends in students and teachers alike. The science teachers I has were really good and we did great labs in their class.
Some teachers are great going above and beyond. Some have extensive lectures and truly engage with the students. Some teachers struggle with what they try teach. Some teachers are extremely interested in our lives, not just our grades.
This school has opportunitys that some schools don't. I have enjoyed my 4 years here.
There isnt much to choose from.
almost everyday we have chicken. nasty chicken. the dinner rolls arent bad, but everyone wants the white bread instead of wheat
art is a great class. english 2 and College English has a horrible teacher
peer pressure happens often. racial school
we have college classes available
coaches have favorites and dont give the other players a chance in a game
Athletics are a pretty big deal here, but the majority of the time, energy, and budget goes to the hometown football team and boy's basketball team.
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There are some great teachers, and there are some lazy teachers.
It's not that crazy of a school.
The English department is particularly bad. I would advise students to read a lot on their own.
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