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Falls City is a small, rural Texas town with a population less than 700 people that is full of mostly Polish decedents. People from here are proud of where they came from and have an excellent work ethic and continue to carry on traditions from many decades ago. Falls City High School teaches young men and women proper ethics and how to serve their city, state, and country. Like many Texas towns, Falls City's community supports its youth. As a high school senior, I look back on the years I have lived, learned, and grown up in Falls City. I know that because of all the support and encouragement from the teachers and administrators, I will make a mark in this world.
The lack of safety at this school concerns me. While the academics and extracurricular opportunities at this school are great - it's not about how hard you work or how good you are. It's about who you are and what you know. Don't expect to come in to FCISD expecting anything to grow or change. The dual credit program is a great offering, but it is so far behind other schools. At best, students can start college as a sophomore. In other schools, seniors are graduating high school with Associate's Degrees. Falls City really needs to bring in new "outsiders" and get with the times, otherwise this once great school is going to fall off the radar.
Small school giving students one on one attention small classes and top notch learning in this school district!
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There are many different courses available to all students, including business, technology, journalism, anatomy, and physics.
Safety policies in our school are not exceptionally good, but work well enough to not pose a threat.
Most are involved in sports
The teachers are very supportive
My daughter has never felt overloaded by her schedule even when several things were going on at once.
FFA, Band, Dance, and all other sports are excellent programs in Falls City! Community involvement is awesome
All teachers are very knowledgeable, caring and willing to go the extra mile to help their students
I have never heard of any issues.
Falls City has an amazing staff! I would highly recommend Falls City over any other school in the county.
Our school has the biggest heart of any public school that could be attended. Throughout my entire high school career I have been supported by my teachers and coaches.
Overall, my experience at Falls City High School has been great. The school has a very outstanding academic program and is giving me many opportunities to get the best education possible. Due to all the dual credit classes Falls City allows me to take, I will be able to go into college as a sophomore. Falls City High School is unique because of its size and pride. The high school only consists of about one hundred students yet when we all come together, we have just as much of pride as any other school. That factor alone is probably one of the biggest reasons why I would choose to go to Falls City High School again.
My overall experience at Falls City has been good. When I moved here everyone was very welcoming and there was a lot of different things to get involved in. The only reason why I would not choose the school again would be because there is not much of a variety of classes to choose from. I think the only reason there is not is because it is a smaller school.
I feel very safe in Falls City. Each semester we practice the different safety drills so everyone knows what to do just incase something ever happened. The school nurse is very helpful and will take care of the students at anytime.
In Falls City the high school students get open campus so very few students each in the cafeteria. From looking on the menus though, it looks like they have a variety of different things to eat everyday. The only bad thing about this food they serve is that everything has to meet the state requirements so its usually not to good.
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There is not many discipline problems in Falls City. Students being on their cell phones during class is the most common thing to get in trouble for. The principal and counselor are involved and in and out of classrooms during the school days. The only problem with the discipline at school is that its not the same for every student.
The athletic program in Falls City is incredible, and there are very few students who are not apart of it. Every sports team is very successful because of the great athletics, supportive coaches, and the wonderful fans. I think that the athletic program is so good because of the coaching staff. They push every athletic each day to get better and better. The school spirit and support from the community is unbelievable. It is very unusual to go to a Falls City athletic event and the stands not be packed.
The teachers at Falls City all have different ways of teaching, and some do more than others. Teaching styles range from doing the bare minimum to going above to try and get us ready for college and college professors. Overall they are good, knowledgeable teachers who would do anything to help the students.
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