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I love Falls Church because it is like my second family. All my teachers and classmates are so helpful and are always willing to listen. Some of the great memories I’ve had at Falls Church are our homecoming parades, tailgates, and homecoming football games; which were always a great time to spend with family, friends, teachers, and classmates. Another great memory that I have at Falls Church is heritage night. It's a night where we get to celebrate the diversity of our school through food, fashion show, talent show, and much more. At Falls Church, we have a lot of great teachers. Overall, Falls Church is the best high school in my opinion.
The school is not terrible. The people in the school, the teachers and students are what makes the experience good. I think the school needs to be remodeled because it is a very old building.
I like the fact that as a freshman they encourage you to try out for sports or clubs to help you form a relationship with the school and to make friends. I tried out for Volleyball which I had never played before and made the team and made lots of friends including Upper Class men who helped me learn my way at the school and now that they are in college they tell me what they are learning what works at college. I also played Basketball and Track and joined the Model UN, Black Student Caucus, and the Robotics club. Also Falls Church as the AVID program which helps me prepare for the rigors of college and has me supper excited to go. I didn't know many people before I went to Falls Church and now I know everyone and I love it.
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I found a group of friends that I know that will stay with and support me throughout life. Staff was hardworking. Very diverse. Academics were rigorous.
Falls Church High School is a great school overall. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some other local schools have, but it's still a great place no matter the lack of funding. It is in need of renovations, but the staff, culture, and overall student life makes up for those shortfalls. Heritage Night is probably one of the more exciting extracurricular events known at school.
I mainly like the people. The community is really tightknit and diverse. What I don’t like is the overall appearance of the school, which I personally think plays a big factor in this rating. The hallway lights are extremely dim and everything seems musty. Does not provide a good first impression. In addition to that, FCHS is a school that is typically overlooked by many since most gravitate and favor other high schools in this district, like Thomas Edison or Fairfax HS. Which doesn’t provide a fair opportunity for all students.
I liked Falls Church’s AVID program it makes you a mug family, then only thing I wish would change would be the graduation rate of ESOL students; I would really like to see that number increase because they deserve to feel that pride and joy that you feel when you get your diploma handed to you.
I’ve been here for 4 years and do not regret it. It’s very diverse and accepting of everyone. Everyone in the building feels like a family. I have never witnessed bullying ever in the school. Staff often push and strive for student success. ECs are absolutely amazing and push new ideas to students.

Problems at Falls Church:
-The building is beyond overcrowded. It’s meant for roughly 1,500 and we’re nearing 2,210.
-The building isn't up to standards with a small library, science labs not working, no space for computer labs, and hundreds of other major issues within the building.
-As well the building is falling apart with ceiling tiles, water fountains, bathrooms, and hundreds of these types of issues.

If you are questioning if you should go here, I would 100% recommend it. From teachers to culture to ECs, this school is the absolute best and I could never ask for more. Though the facility is suffering, this is beyond the school’s fault and more of neglect from FCPS.
I attended falls church high school (FCHS) for all 4 years. the thing that impressed me the most about the school was the teachers, they work very hard and care about their students. I got to know most of the special education teachers from the IEP department .their class were small so they aspired to make sure that all their student understand their lessons and would go the extra mile to help the students that were slow(like me ) or had trouble learning the subjects. there are a lot of other great teachers, I would like talk about but to keep this short. overall FCHS has the best teachers in Fairfax County and they truly care about there students and love to teach.
I really enjoyed it. Didn't feel connected though to staff and other students, but that's high school.
Some of the teachers are very caring and dedicated to teaching and providing the best education for their students. There are some great programs that are offered such as the academy classes, or career oriented classes. The school is also a part of the academy program, which allows for kids to travel to other schools in the county and take courses that aren’t offered at the school. There has been no problems of bullying due to race, religion, or sexual orientation. However, the school is in need of a renovation. The school is overcrowded.
My experience so far at Falls Church High School has been pretty good. Teachers here are very well trained and could handle their students very well - sometimes though. What I like about Falls Church is that they always make sure that everyone feels at home and welcomed and feeling comfortable, no matter who they are or where they come from. I haven't had any thoughts about what Falls Church should change since it's alright in my opinion.
I’ve been going to Falls Church for three years and I love the diversity and all the different people I’ve met. Although my school is small compared to the others in my district we still have great opportunities. We have classes like academy that give you college credit and allows you to figure out what you want to be in the future.
I loved the diversity at Falls Church High School. I felt like being a white male made me the minority. I also loved the fact that sports played such a big part at the school and that so many kids were involved in team sports. Being a smaller high school it was easier to be on a sports team and thus most kids were involved in sports or activities such as band.
Falls Church High School is a great school filled with diversity and culture. I would not want to go to another school. The main draw back of Falls Church is it's need to be renovated. The school is old and needs renovations for it's growing student population.
I love that everyone is diverse and the people here are nice. But the sports and facilities are horrible sometimes. But what makes the clubs and sports fun is the people. I would say I would like to see the school renovated because we have a pretty small school. But overall, I liked Falls Church High School. It's been fun.
The amount of diversity is like no other schools I have heard of, and our sports teams may be small but we were dedicated.
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I liked that you could stay after school and your teachers would help you, no appointment needed. I would change the way they deal with applying to colleges and all that stuff. There’s a scatter plot chat that tells you your chances of getting into schools and it’s discouraging but also not accurate. There shouldn’t be a perceived limit on a student’s ability to go to any university
Walking into Falls Church High School, makes a student feel like he or she is at home. 11th-12th Grade Students can go to Academy and experience new beginnings as a Dentist Assistant, Medical Assistant, Pharmacist Technician, EMS, and much more. This school basically has it all, but just not a pool.
Falls Church High School is a school for opportunity. Some may view it as a school where the athletics programs aren't ranked the highest , or a school full of negative influences, however, I like to view it as school for the most ambitious and opportunity seeking students. Students who desire to try a sport are easily able to. They are given the chance to take on a new extracurricular to explore opportunities and experiences.
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