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I was not particularly impressed with the academics at this school--in fact I had one very problematic class... I did, however, find a second family in the marching band. I remain in contact with them despite only being with them for one year, and I'll never forget the amazing time I had with them.
I like that at Fallbrook, you really have to take charge of your own education and future. It is up to you what experience you have at Fallbrook HS, and up to you what you get out of those 4 years.
I liked the school spirit at Fallbrook High School. I made many memories with my friends at student events such as football games and pep rallies. Fallbrook High really puts in the effort to make their students feel safe and provide them with plenty academic resources.
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Fallbrook High School had a few good teachers who encouraged me to apply to many universities and explore the interests I have. Had I not gained the confidence, I would never have applied to my current school Stanford.
I personally enjoyed my time at FHS because I stayed involved in as many clubs and school-sanctioned activities that I could. Yes, the school had flaws, but what school doesn't? Stay involved in any school, and you will do just fine.
Fallbrook is preparig everyone for whatever future that is ahead. It also has lots of electives to chose from for future jobs. It also offers extra elective credits on Saturdays
Overall, my high school experience was good. I did well in almost all my classes and I enjoyed many of the teachers that I had. The school did a decent job at providing extra help before and after school if needed.
I have two kids at the high school, and I think it's great. My kids are involved with sports and A.P. courses. They are challenged by their teachers (and parents, might I add) to do their best in all they do.
I like how I feel safe and I love all my teachers!! I know I can go everyday and learn something new each day that will make an impact on my life and others.
I noticed a large gap between AP and regular classes. I felt like I learned well within an honors or AP class, but the few regular classes I took were not the same. The teachers in these classes did not care about their student's success. I did not like the overall environment of the school because I felt like I was in a prison. The students are fenced in and treated like they have no freedom.
The environment is incredibly friendly. The school spirit is outstanding, especially compared to DODDS schools in the pacific. As a student I could tell that the workers and administrators really cared for the school and put forth a lot of effort to make the students happy.
There were a lot of teachers who cared about the success of their students. They put in effort to connect to their students as well. There were a few teachers who weren't as good, but overall, I would say the staff and teachers were involved and invested. The campus is pretty clean, but the bathrooms could have been cleaner. I attended that school for 4 years and never experienced any big problems. It was a positive learning atmosphere for me.
Things I liked are limited the teachers and there interactions with the students are nice, but the schools cleanliness is a low. The safety of the school is also low even if they got a officer after the incidents. Altercations between students aren't that great at this school. So the things I would change would be the safety ,schools cleanliness , and interactions between students.
Fallbrook High, in my opinion, is a wonderful school because of numerous clubs, activities, sports events and staff involvement with students and parents. Yet, we as a whole, need to upkeep bathroom facilities and the campus more. However, this school is very successful and contributes much to the community.
What I like about Fallbrook high school is that it has a lot of school spirit and talent. What I would to see changed is better bathrooms and more resources.
Fallbrook high was a very fun and helpful school towards my academics. however there were a couple of teachers that didnt take my classes very seriously and did not have a good moral to teach my classes. which caused me to lower some of my grades from an A- to a B or B-
I've attended Fallbrook High School since freshman year. Overall, I'd say that my experience in Fallbrook High has been amazing. The teachers and counselors I've had and I currently have were/are very nice and very helpful. The staff are also friendly (especially Mr. Lolo and Mr. Arad). I also started working at the school cafeteria on May 1st 2015 during lunch and I'm still working there. They were so nice and friendly. It saddens me that this would be my last year working with them. They also help students about their requirements to graduate by reminding them multiple times. They also tell us information about colleges and about financial aids. What I would want to see change is the tardy policy, well not change but better it. It helps to motivate students to not be tardy to their classes, but it delays students who goes to their first period because of the long line.
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Fallbrook high school is a great school with a variety of opportunities for each person on campus. There are many different courses you could take that will help you start thinking of what you want to pursue as your career. Fallbrook high school is very united and has a great staff group who keep the school feeling like a home for all of their students.
The high school doesn't encourage school spirit like it used to. There are racial concerns for African American student. They allow the Huck Fin book to be read in class despite the consents of African American parents and students. Students in the English class are allowed to say the "N" word and teachers say it as well. The principal has been asked to remove the book by parents and students and requested that if the book must be read to use the edited version. The principal refuses to change the book or support the African American students. It can be pretty tough being the only African American student in a class where the "N" word is said over 200 times by students and teachers.
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