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Fall River Junior-Senior High School Reviews

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Fall River is a great school if you care about the sport. we have great sport. we have great teacher they know what they are teaching, but the thing is are teachers are kinda short tempered.
I realize the school is small but I would like to see more upper-level classes for the seniors, like calculus. Too many seniors are not challenging themselves enough the last year of school.
Fall River Jr. Sr. High School a great school, but it is often held back by its size. It is an extremely rural school, and the student body consists of about 200 individuals. This means it tends to lack in opportunities. There is not much variety in terms or clubs and other extracurricular activities. The 2016-17 school year was the first time in many years that non-online AP classes were available.
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My experience with Fall River Junior-Senior High School is still so far great. I've attended the school since the 7th grade. We may be a small school but that doesn't stop us from getting a quality education. The community is very supportive of our high school. They provided us Chromebooks, new lockers, always cheering us on when we play sports, etc. Our teachers and staff always try to be supportive for they want us to succeed. I am glad I attend this high school.
My experience at Fall River High School was an amazing one. All of the staff want what is best for everyone, not only certain individuals. I love the environment that the school gives off which is, being respectful to others. The academic program is very, very successful and each year the scores for the state go higher. The teachers are all amazing and they definitely prepare you for college. What I would like to see change is how sports are always the main thing, it should be student-athlete, not athlete-student.
Since this is such a small school we really don't have to worry about people trying to break in.
There are a lot of extracurricular opportunities at this school. We have a wide variety of different sports and clubs.
This is the best school I have gone to. The teachers and staff are great, the parents are great, everything about this school is great. I would choose this school again because I love the sports program and the teaching staff.
The teachers at this school are amazing. They will do anything to help you get a better education. If you have any questions you can stay after school and talk with them about what your having troubles on.
The school is fun, but needs tons of improvement.
I used to go to the weight room but now they closed it for after school so that is a big down side for me.
The teachers make a personal connection with you that you would not be able to get in a big school.
The school focuses on sports a lot, almost more than they do on teaching.
Our school is located near a mini mart, the cafeteria, a restaurant, and a place called the Bulldog Bite right across the street. There are a lot of options and each one has healthy options to choose from.
The administration support is amazing with extracurricular options at the school. They always help the students work out what they will be doing and/or miss when they are going to be gone.
Our fan support is absolutely amazing for Volleyball, Football, and Basketball. We always have them yelling and cheering us on. No matter what happens. The fans are highly respectable and nobody has to worry about being rude or disrespectful to the refs. The parents are even involved in our fan clubs.
The teachers here are friendly and understanding without them i would not be going to this school.
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The sports are amazing i am involved in 3 different sports here at the school and i always have a blast playing them.
I love this school even only going here for a year they have accepted me as a bulldog and they all love me.
The food Isn't so great but we can deal with it.
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