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Good overall, seems to be on a decline in quality in the past few years.
I went to this school my entire childhood and I enjoyed it greatly. I liked our small town and I loved how I knew the teachers on a neighborly status rather than just a teacher to student status. The school provided many ways for the students to be successful.
My overall experience at Fall River High School has been unforgettable. Everyday, I get to enjoy seeing students from kindergarten all the way up to my senior class. It is a part of a close and supportive community. Faculty and students are dedicated to learning and helping one another. This school is unique, because it has such a welcoming and supportive feeling. The whole community gathers for sporting events, musical, and more. If I could choose a school all over again, I would pick Fall River High School. It contains so many opportunities, and the school reaches out to every single student.
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There are a few certain people that cause problems in the school, but that is a very small number.
The administration tries to help as much as they possibility, but a lot of the students who have problems do it to themselves. They try to make the teachers mad and cause problems or pick on people they know they are going to react.
We need a track and a football field, and a softball field of our own. The football field we have is not necessarily legal, and can not play regional games on it. You can also only kick one way because the creek is behind one of the field goal posts.
They try to incorporate as much technology into use as possible because that is the future. Some teaching styles do not vary very much, but most incorporate all different learning styles to help every student. The knowledge is great and the teachers really know what they are talking about. They keep the interest of the students and generally care about their well-being. The consistency is grading is pretty even throughout the high school.
Their is Student Council, International Club, YADAA, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Spanish Club. Rube Goldberg, and then most common sports.The administration is very supportive and is advisers for most of these.
Most teachers are very good. A few have teaching styles that are hard to learn with. Got a lot of new teachers this year.
Technology is readily available. All students have chromebooks, but they are not to be taken home.
Not much bullying, though some does occur. School trainer is good, but seems to not be there very often. School is safe.
Food is pretty good most of the time. Portion sizes could be bigger. Variety of snacks is good.
The teachers are fun and make class interesting. Homework is not loaded on. If needed, most teachers are available before or after school or during lunch or resource.
Teachers make classes fun. Faculty is easily approachable, especially administration. It is just the right size for me. It is K-12 and you grow up with the same people. You get to experience and see how they grow and change.
The football field and baseball/softball diamonds could use some work. The gyms are good, but sometimes very warm. Many students are involved in sports. Basketball for both boys and girls has done well, winning conference champions in recent years. The football team has made it to the playoffs for the past 4 years. Students not in sports usually support the teams.
Anytime I want to talk to the principal, he is happy to talk to me or any other student. He is always out and about. The office staff are helpful.
There are many options from sports to YADAA to Pep Band. Most people are in sports and/or band.
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The school is very small so course selecting is very limited. Other than that, the school offers very good education within those classes.
The academics are good at this school because the classes teach a lot, and the workload is decent.
The athletic program is great, but the variety of sports is limited
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