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Fall Mountain Regional High School Reviews

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Fall Mountain has a lot to offer, but not in every department. Some teachers go above and beyond whereas others do not even work with students. Food is average. Diversity is almost nonexistent.
Many of the teachers here at FM are passionate about what they do and are willign to help out students who are falling behind.
Great range of programs that relate to horticulture and agriculture; two of which are programs that are usually not offered at other high schools.
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I would like for Fall Mountain to better prepare their students for college. They also could improve their sports programs. As much as the academics are good not many AP courses are offered, which should change
At Fall Mountain there is a wide variety of classes and class levels making it easy for students to be satisfied with their classes.
Fall Mountain has some teachers who are excellent at working with kids and helping them to succeed, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise, but there are more than enough that are unable to properally communicate and help students through difficult times.
Overall, my social experiences at Fall Mountain Regional High School was very positive. It is very small which led to a very tight knit community and support system. However, upon entering college I found that I had a harder time transitioning academics wise. I felt that my peers were more educated than I was, which should not have been the case considering almost all of us took college prep classes.
I like that my school is small and I can recieve the attention I need from teachers. I think our methods of teaching math are poor because I am an honors student, yet I still struggle. Its would also be nice if more money was put into sports that I take part in, such as cross country and track. Fall Mountain offers a wide variety of classes though, which is something that I like.
It took leaving to make me realize how much I love that school. It might be underfunded, in the middle of nowhere, and always smell a little bit like a barn, but there are some truly amazing people there that really want to make a difference in the lives of the students.
In all Fall Mountain is a friendly and welcoming place, where the stereotypical people seen in books and movies are nonexistent. People, at least to my knowledge, are not bullied and the sports teams are more like families. However, as with all schools, there is a downside, there is not much diversity, whether in race, religion, or just classes. There is one foreign language offered in a classroom setting, due to there being online classes, and now student are basically left to choose between either College Prep or Advance Placement in terms of difficulty. I believe that is what Fall Mountain Regional High School needs to work on, getting Honors classes for more of the courses.
The plethora of classes that Fall Mountain has offered me was quite admirable over the past four years. The amount of classes offered provide a wide diversity for any student to find something he/she is interested in. Not only that but the quality of education students receive at Fall Mountain is second to none. I feel I am well prepared for the rigor and grit of college because of the quality and passion the teachers there have for teaching students every day.
There are tons of precautions in place, but incidents still occur.
There is a surprisingly high variety of extracurriculars for how small our school is.
Simply put, Fall Mountain has all the typical flaws of American high schools.
I think the couple bad teachers outweigh the few good.
Extracurriculars at Fall Mountain can be the icing on top of a poorly made cake. It may be the best part about the school.
The commitment of some parents definitely shows when it comes to the diversity of students at my school. Children with supportive and interactive parents tend to do much better than those who don't. Those who don't also tend to disrupt the flow of the school day.
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The are hardly available, not very understanding. Better off at a different schoik
Some teachers at this school are clearly very qualified for their jobs- others, however, would probably not score above a 1500 if they took the SATs, which makes it difficult to take them seriously and learn from them when they often cannot form a grammatically correct sentence. Teachers also constantly complain about their own superiors (e.g. vice principal, principal.... etc), and will blame things on them (Smarter Balance Testing, NECAPs, etc.) which essentially pits the students against administration. Bringing me to my next topic, in May of 2015 the junior class was forced into taking countless tests as "guinea pigs" or pilots for new standardized testing, all while trying to prepare for finals, SATs, and AP exams. Administration basically told the entire class to "shut up and stop whining" as we saw our test scores plummet.

Essentially, the administration is the root of all issues at this school. I am beyond ready to graduate.
Not for me. However it is a better fit for others.
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