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Honestly I wouldn’t want anything about my school to change. I personally love everything about Falkville High School. I want to thank our teachers and our SRO Sullivan...
I started going to Falkville high school when i was a sophomore, it was a huge culture shock due to the lack of diversity, but that was to be expected at a small town southern school. Despite the lack of diversity I felt right at home in no time and I’m still best friends with the people I met when I first moved here. The counselors and teachers here really want to see us succeed and I really do believe they want what’s best for us. They have a lot of AP class options here. I took AP history my junior year and am taking AP computers science and English this year I feel like they have the tools to help prepare for my future at Alabama State.
Falkville has a very challenging AP and Pre-AP curriculum that started the 2018-19 school year. It also has a wide variety of clubs and actives from math team to marching band.
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Falkville High School is a great school. I love going there. The teachers and staff is always understanding and very helpful
Falkville has some activities including: Student Council, National Honor Society, Class Government. Although, most of the after school activities are just sports going on during that season.
Falkville just received a newly renovated facility and some new faculty members that have influenced the programs tremendously. Coaches and Teachers are very engaged and truly help students and athletes to push themselves harder, and I think that is what makes Falkville so unique. As far as favorite experiences go, pep rallys are always number one including everyone in the school, even parents.
Employers at Falkville High School differ, but overall those within the school system try their hardest to encourage and help the students enrolled. Although some help more than others, all classrooms are inviting and all teachers are approachable.
Falkville has wonderful teachers. Most go above and beyond what they actually have to do.
Our school is very safe
Its a small school and everyone knows everyone. Love all of the teachers and administration.
Falkville High School brought me many memories and i am proud to be a Blue Devil
I was suspended once in the 4th grade. I got four checks because I talked too much. I have never been suspended since than.
Our cafeteria ladies are told what they can cook so it isn't really their fault we have bland food. We just have the same food every week. For example, on Thursdays we have chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It never fails.
The school is pretty strict on its' rules. It depends on what it is that you did if they are flexible on it.
Sports at my school is a really big deal. All of our sport programs normally go very far. I go to many softball and baseball games just to support the team. Many students come and support the other events too.
Most teachers at my school truly care about us students. On the other hand, some teachers only care about the grades in the computer. They don't care if we learn anything or not. That really does affect us. In those classes, I can not recall what I have learned this year. But overall, they mainly care.
Our extracurricular activities are great. All of our programs always go far in what they do. We always have the funding we need, when we need it. Many kids participate in the clubs at our school. The clubs do a lot of fundraising as well to get the money they need.
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Falkville is an awesome school to me. I fit in very well here. In fact, anyone can fit in here. Everyone is friendly and they all treat you with respect. My principal and vice principal talk to me when I pass them in the hall. Everyone made me feel so welcome when I first moved here.
Falkville has an officer on the clock at all times. I fell very safe at my school. We practice emergence drills often and we know what to do in case of an emergency. We have a drug dog that comes in during the school year. They make sure the threat of drugs or bombs is elimimated right away.
The food at Falkville is average but our lunch ladies have certain things that they have to serve. The food is better on some days than on others but it could be worse. We have healthy foods with wheat bread and buns. We have lots of fruit choices with every meal as well as fresh salads.
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