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Falkner High School is a good school. Just like most other schools and/or businesses it needs more structure, organization and communication.
If I could give a rating of zero stars I would. I have had terrible experiences at this school. The teachers are unprofessional and quite immature. Most of the time when they aren't doing what they get paid to do, they are sitting around gossiping about students. A majority of teachers also visit each other's classrooms while they are supposed to be teaching just to gossip. The principal is biased and holds different students to different standards. Punishments are not equal. Overall, if you would like your kid to receive a serious education and not be a part of some drama filled circus; you should pick a different school.
My experience at Falkner High School has been very average. I like the way it feels like a family community, and it is a very small school so everyone knows everyone. What I would change about my school is have more hands on learning. Also a lot more class options to give more variety.
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All there ever was, was drama, drama, and more drama. I swear if I had wanted that much drama I would have taken an actual drama class. The atmosphere was constantly filled with tension, thanks to the old principle. There is even a serious problem with bullying, trust me I know I was a victim at one point. Bad part is there was nothing ever done about. I graduated in 2012 so thankfully I no longer have to put up with all the indecencies that goes on at the school. However I'm not sure how things are after the new principle was hired.
The school has outdated computer systems. There are no college prep resources to speak of. There is only one guidance counselor who fails to give the students vital information. One such instance occurred when the school was given ACT vouchers to be given to the seniors. The senior class was not made aware of this until months afterwards when most of the students had already paid to take the ACT. When the remaining students asked about the vouchers, the guidance counselor replied that she was "too busy".
The athletic and fitness opportunities are very basic. The school has several team sports. There are no opportunities for students that are not on the teams other than one year of required physical education.
The school has the usual cliques that determine who is popular and who is not, usually based on family and wealth. While bullying isn't a major problem, there is not much acceptance for unusual beliefs or ideas.
We live in a small town where generally everyone knows everyone. There haven't been any threats to my particular school to my knowledge. There have been threats in the surrounding area maybe once or twice in the thirteen years I've attended this school. When this had occured, staff members took the situation very, very seriously. I never feel unsafe coming to school, and I take great pride in this.
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