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What I liked about Falfurrias High School is the people and the academic that this schools teaches us and gets us ready for college.
The only thing I like at my high school is our band, mariachi, film and theatre program. We always seem to succeed in those areas, plus they were really fun to be a part of.
I have been able to do well throughout high school years. However, there is always room to improve. There should always be many challenges, and while I have had some, it is important to always want the best education for yourself and others. My best experiences with this school have been in my activities such as band, National Honors society, UIL academics, and tennis. Being a part of these activities allowed me to fell like a part of another family. While my education wasn’t the best here, I was still able to have a lot of great experiences with my teams.
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When I was in High School, it was great. It was just like every other average school. I played all types of sports which kept me busy but also focused on my studies. It has changed tremendously over the last 4 years that I have been graduated. I would like to see a huge change in the school. Educators need a new strategy in teaching methods, in order to keep students entertained and focused on the subject.
Hi my name is Reyna Longoria, I’m a high school student from falfurrias high school. I’m a senior falfurrias high school is actually not that bad, it’s fun and everyday is a adventure. My favorite part about this school, is the sports well the games. I love how we all come together and support our classmates.
It’s a good enough school, but could use some definite improvements. The school is short staffed and as a result it can’t offer any AP classes, which is my main concern
Falfurrias High School is a small school in which did not prepare me at all for college. My advice would be to improve the mind set of all staff.
I like how all the teachers prepare you for college and do their best to see us succeed in life. They do everything in their power to provide college classes for us. I like that all the teachers and staff get involved with the class and help us in anyway possible. I would like to see change is for the students getting involved more with the stuff the school is offering them because in the long run it will help them so much.
I like that there is a great amount of spirit that flows through the halls. You will never forget the homecoming or the burning of the F especially the pep rally's.
My experience has been great at Falfurrias High School. One thing i would change would be the food, as in breakfast and lunch. I like how there is a dress code and mainly everyone is wearing the same thing so nobody will feel bad about what they're wearing. I also like how the teachers, principal, etc. are so involved with the students and are always there for them if they ever need anything.
My experience here in Falfurrias High School has been ok ,standard, the school is full of pride, and eager to teach the students new things. The have strict policies in attendance, dress code, and behavior. Our school is a good school I would recommend sending other children to Falfurrias High School, over any other surrounding schools.
all teachers have do wear id
most kids do their best in clubs and sports
parents try their best to go to events in school
I like school because it has a gear up program!!!
The most unique and my favorite part of attending FHS was the fan support for baseball games. My junior year we had a playoff game in the San Antonio area and played a team from said area, however the fans wearing our colors greatly outnumbered those of the Luling Eagles. The school had buses available for any fan interested in following the team and needless to say they were full in a matter of days!
The school employs peace officers to work security and are always visible. The officers the school employed were well respected by most of the students and friendly when they wanted to be, and stern when they had to be.
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The teachers at Falfurrias High School were knowledgeable about their respective subjects, however, my Junior year I had the privilege of watching Mrs. Sharon Wilson teach my AP American History class. Everyday she had stories that connected our home town to events in American History, such as the Pony Express and the Civil War.
I participated in several sports and the coaches were some of the best men I know. I still keep in contact with several of them because they still serve as mentors to me. I participated in UIL Spelling, Science, Computer Applications, and History. The Vice Principal was the most supportive member of the administration. He was always at Junior Varsity games, boys and girls, Varsity games, One Act performances, community pep rallies etc.
The food is good most of the time.. i think they should have more choices to choose from.
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