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Falconer Middle/High School Reviews

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I have really enjoyed attending Falconer Middle/High School. The school has lots of opportunities including those join a club or sport, take classes you enjoy, obtain college credit while still in high school, and so much more. They prepare you for your future very well. It is a small and close knit school and I love it.
Falconer's teachers were amazing. They were very engaged and ready to help whenever anyone needed it. It was very clear that they wanted what's best for all of their students. The student relationships were average. There were those who were very outgoing and wanted to be the best, but there were also those who didn't care about anything. Overall, Falconer High School provided a good high school experience.
Pretty good. Not as good as the last school I attended in my opinion but it has way more college classes offered to everyone so that’s a plus.
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I've been in the falconer school district my whole acedmic career. Falconer is like a small family. You grow up with everyone and know all the kids in your class.
I liked that teachers and their process in teaching. There was no bullying between students. I learned a lot, and got the recognition I deserved for my grades and attitude. It made highschool easier.
There are many clubs to join, however many students choose not to join them. Many are involved in sports, however the sports programs are not the best. People don't seem to be that interested in after school activities unless they are forced to stay because of a sport. My favorites were math club and students against destructive decisions. These were all teacher led organizations, and were extremely fun.
My favorite experiences have been mostly related to non-academic activities. I highly enjoyed sporting events, and field trips. The after prom party and senior vigil (after graduation) were definitely some of the most memorable activities, and made the school unique. None of the schools around cared about their students' well being as much as ours, especially concerning what happened after prom and graduation. I probably wouldn't choose to go to this school again, not because of the teachers or school itself, but mainly because of the students. They aren't many intelligent, hardworking individuals, and many of them were extremely stuck up. They all think that their better than everyone else, especially the grades coming up.
Many of the teachers are amazing at what they do. The effectively teach students through examples, lectures, and classroom activities. They seem to be very interested in their respective subjects, and many get extremely excited about their subjects. Some are not effective, and teach the material too quickly. However, all are consistent with their grading and they are very easy to talk to.
I like attending this school because I have gone here throughout the entirety of my life and have made all of my friends here. Most everyone is willing to try new things and hang out with new people.
The teachers in this school are very knowledgable, friendly and are willing to listen to students during and after class time. They go above and beyond to make sure that the students are all getting the education that they need to succeed in the future.
I think that the food selection could be better and the portions are a little small.
I loved going to Falconer. I met a lot of great people and the teachers were very helpful and intelligent.
The extracurriculars are not great. I think this is because there is not enough encouragement to participate.
The athletics opportunities at this school are okay, the fan base is good, the problem is that there are not a lot of students actually participating in sports. Many decide to work or have free time but sports usually take a back seat.
I think that the rules and regulations could be implemented a little better but overall the techniques used are usually effective.
I think that Falconer Central School provided a great work environment. The teachers were very helpful and knew a lot about their subjects. I think that this school provided a great work environment.
Small town with little diversity
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Nice building and facilities. Could use more attention to college and career options
For the most part enjoyed my time here. Have had a few excellent teachers
There are no real problems in my school
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