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Falcon Middle School Reviews

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I loved my time at Falcon Middle School! It shaped who I am in so many ways, from the amazing teachers, extracurricular and learning opportunities, and so much more! I wouldn't trade the experience I had there for anything!
There are very few clubs offered but once again, that would require the teachers to go the extra mile and many do not.
Very few team sports are offered and they are cut sports so many kids that want to play do not get an opportunity. Fan support is low at athletic events.
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The school facility is great. Tutoring is does not exist as most teachers do not go the extra mile.
We are not impressed. Few teachers go above and beyond to help students. Teachers like to catch students doing bad instead of good. It is over crowded. Lessons are not engaging and lack any real world learning. Elective courses are picked for the students and the grading is different for every teacher and every team. Students are not happy, engaged or learning anything that will stick or that matters.
There is a huge population of students so it is easy to find a group to fit into.
Students feel safe at the school majority of the time.
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