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I like Falcon High School because it is so close to home and it is in an area which is not excessively populated yet. It has fantastic student spirit within the student body, which makes sporting events like football and basketball great memories! Most of the student body is full of great people, which has allowed me to make friends! However, Falcon High School has standard based grading. This means 85% of the class grades are tests while the other 15% is homework and classwork. I absolutely hate this system because if you are not a good test taker, then your grades will plummet, as well as your GPA. It discourages completing homework unless someone wants to retake a test, and I think that this system is not even close to something that is made to help students succeed. The grading system is the only reason why I would rank my experience lower than a five.
As I head into my Senior year, I can honestly say that Falcon High School has exceeded my expectations. I have been able to take many classes that will help me achieve my goal of becoming an anesthesiologist. I would have given five stars if I could have taken another Spanish class my final year.
Very strong and loving community. The school acts as one big family and no one is left out. The year and a half I was there, I felt very welcomed and very comfortable. They have a wide range of classes and teachers are good. A lot of the teachers care for the students and want them to do well.
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There are a few good teachers surrounded by many poor teachers and a lack luster administration that is in a constant state of hypocrisy.
It is in a very conservative, small town, rural area. This high school had certain opportunities that beneficial toward post-graduate life but other than that it was a very average high school.
I liked and disliked a couple things about Falcon High School. When I attended, I loved the school spirit and the friendliness of the students in the school. We were in a pretty small community, so the students were very welcoming. What I did not like about Falcon High School when I attended was their grading system. I came from a percentage based grading system where everything counted, such as homework, quizzes, tests, and in-class assignments. However, Falcon did not count everything and was not percentage based. It made it difficult for me to get good grades and I was constantly struggling to keep my grades above B level. The teachers were a little harder on grading and testing than the other school I came from, so my first time coming to Falcon High School was somewhat difficult. However, as I learned more about the grading system and how it worked and got used to the workload and power of the teachers, I did much better.
Falcon High has wonderful student clubs that help students connect. Student 2 Student has been a great club for me. Music department is embarrassing.
Falcon High School is an overall good school, I like the welcoming community and the fact that a lot of the teachers want all their kids to succeed, but like any kid I would like to see more happy teachers and not people just there to work.
Falcon has been a wonderful school. There are many activity choices and advanced classes to choose.
No one can explain the grading process; I'm not sure the staff understand it.
I really liked the Principal's Council program. It allowed students from all high schools grade levels to meet with the Principal once a month and express concerns they had about the school from their point of view. Overall my experience at Falcon High School was superb, but I would like to see a culinary or real life situation program.
It was good. The grading system is a little different but it is beneficial to students. Most of the teachers are great and very helpful. It is a tight knit community that comes together when needed.
It is a good school. I enjoy the activities and the opportunities the school provides us to get ready for college.
One of Falcon High School's biggest downfalls is their constantly changing philosophy on learning. Each year confusing changes are made to the dysfunctional experiment that is standards based grading. Beyond the awful grading system, the school lacks a sense of community and support and in athletics and clubs will always favor certain organizations over others rather than supporting all organizations.
Many of the teachers disliked the students and negative learning environments were fostered by the faculty. Early school start times were difficult for many teenagers, which negatively impacted attendance and class involvement when students did attend. School funds were poorly allocated, and there was a constant deficit in classroom materials such as paper. Administrative personnel were regularly hostile towards the students. There was high turnover among the teachers; there were often new teachers for the same subject every school year, and teachers occasionally left in the middle of the semester. The quality of instruction in the classroom was poor. Still, the faculty in charge of extracurricular activities did a good job of instilling school spirit in the students.
Although some of the academics are difficult, it's worth it. The teachers are great!
Everyone always smiles and says hi to one another! Everyone gets other students involved.
Extracurricular activities at this school are great! They have everything, you can even make your own club.
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I love my school, I just wish money wasn't an issue for me.
The teachers that I have had at this school have been great.
Scheduling classes happen a few months before school starts, and it's easy to choose classes, as long as you sign up for them. If, for some reason, you don't like your schedule or a class, it's easy to change it to fit how you want if you sign up to see a counselor. There is a wide variety of classes that are available to students as long as they get their basic classes done for freshman year. I've taken Astronomy and there is at least four types of choir classes available. However, I wish other classes were available, like Home Economic, Wood Working and Metal Working. Our school has a unique way of grading, called Standard-Based Grading. There are no percentage grading, unless you take a college class. My first fee years homework wasn't counted as a grade, but as a senior, homework counts now. There are retakes on projects and tests if the teacher allows it. There is also a late period to turn in homework if a teacher allows it. As a result, the school provides you with as much possiblto get good grades, it just depends on the teacher's grading and how much a student tries.
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