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Falcon Cove Middle School Reviews

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i go to falcon and in in 6th grade and to me its the best school i been to so far and that the teachers are so nice and they teach you a lot with the teachers i have now i have all A's
Falcon Cove middle school is the worst school I went to in broward county. The only good thing about this school was some of my teachers were very good and always looked out for me. The administration was good but never really was involved in much from what I noticed.
The Bathrooms stink , but besides that it's a great school! I am a 6th grade student here and I love school here. I made many friends, and I love my teachers!
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I wished that they hired more qualified teachers but overall the school was okay, It could have been a lot worse.
There are many resources available to students at Fruit Cove Middle School. All (or most) of the teachers are there after school, so students can get help when they need it. Creativity and uniqueness are encouraged, as there are a few clubs and lots of extracurricular activities to get involved in. Students can join band, sports, computer classes, communications classes, and others. The teachers are very motivational and don't put students out of their comfort zone except when necessary. They help as often as they can, and don't give the answers when teaching until a student has worked out the problem. Overall, this school is great, and better than most that I've attended. It's second place in my list of favourite schools--out of a total of six schools.
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