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I attended FW from elementary to middle school. The school experience was inexcusably terrible. The computers were outdated (until we got surfaces) and the textbooks were outdated as well. Some of the teachers were just terrible And I did not retain
anything at all from them. One of my teachers acted like a student instead of our teacher. She had a laser pointer which she used to point straight at our faces. She did this for no apparent reason and did it when a particular student asked a question (regarding the lesson). A student(A) even reported to the student(B) parents that the student(B) was getting picked on by the teacher. Other teachers passed out infractions like germs. When I moved schools I expected it to be more or less like this- always being confused about what is being taught and getting in infractions for forgetting supplies. It was not. I’ve attended two other schools (currently BISH) I have fully understood everything and haven’t gotten an infraction since FW
They gave me an extremely good environment to study. Yet, everything was under control. They always had solutions really quickly whatever happened. But I think this school is a little bit strict. However, that make students know where and when they should stop, which is good for the school and other students. Teachers are really nice, if you get into trouble and need an advise, they will be there for you.
The teachers were great, they were very personable and really cared about the students. The classes were challenging, they helped students to prepare for college and had a faith based teaching in all courses.
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I have been studying at Faith West Academy since 2015. I first came here at a sophomore and this school had given me such amazing experiences. I have learned about the culture, achieved more knowledge and had more friends. After studying at Faith West Academy, I am now a more confident person, more responsible and friendlier. Thank you Faith West Academy!
BEWare of the fake reviews! Many employees are asked to fill these fake reviews out! Or they are paid for reviews! This school has ZERO Culture & academic readiness! No diversity! Many of the administrators are family related so they assume they can do what they want. The business administration thinks she knows everything going on in the world, the teachers are clueless and the sports teams are pathetic that couldn’t even hold a candle to a public school! Save your money and look elsewhere!
The teachers are great and all our coaches are extremely dedicated but we just need more athletes to grow the program.
Faith West has been a second home to me and my family. The academics are superb and the Christian environment is amazing. The beautiful, somewhat well maintained campus is just a bonus to the teachings your child will receive. The staff works well together and has been extremely helpful to my family. The courses are challenging yet there is plenty of recourses for your child to succeed. For example, everyday, all students are given a period just for tutoring in any area needed. The food here is amazing. They just hired a professional chef and we have chick-fil-a every single Wednesday. I've made so many friends from all over the country due to Faith West's foreign exchange program that is filled with kids with all over the world. Athletics have improved in the last couple of years. There are plenty of clubs and activities for students to choose from. The only thing I would improve would be college due to lack of college resources. Over all I would highly recommend coming here.
Our time at Faith West has been a blessing. We have experienced teachers who are not only professional and qualified, but more importantly concerned with building relationships with our children. I doubt my public high school teachers even remembered my name; at FWA my children are treated and valued as individuals. Administration and teachers have been open and responsive when I’ve expressed concerns. No human institution is perfect— the grass is always greener—but we have enjoyed our time at Faith West very much.
I loved going to Faith West Academy. My favorite thing about the school was the community- teachers genuinely care about you. You don't get that at many schools. For a small private school, there are still plenty of things you can get involved in including clubs like chess club or book club or sports like cross country and swimming. They have a very large amount international students from all over the world which is super cool. I loved being at Faith West.
As a parent I am very pleased with Faith West Academy's ability to teach my children what they need in order to prepare for college. The atmosphere is very welcoming, one in which teachers and staff are willing and able to become personally interested and involved in the students' success and well-being. I am blessed to have been able to graduate both of my children from this wonderful school.
Alot of kids take part
All teachers and most staff are degreed. They are excited to share their knowledge with their students and they make it a priority to make sure the students understand and know how to apply the material they teach. The administration is constantly communicating with parents through e-mails and/or updates on the website. All faculty takes a genuine interest in the students' physical, educational, emotional and spiritual well-being. They really love their students and it is reflected in their interactions with them daily.
There is an RN on staff, always ready to assist with any illnesses and injuries. There are also staff trainers and licensed physical therapists available for sports-related issues. Bullying is not tolerated and issues are addressed as soon as they are brought to the attention of administrators. Internet safety is of the utmost importance with the use of electronic devices in all the classroom, and measures are taken to ensure inappropriate subject matter is off limits.The physical safety of the students is also a primary concern, so the campus is a closed campus. There is a single primary entry point for the school and all visitors are required to check in before visiting the campus. Faith West Academy prides itself on keeping the safety of its students, faculty and staff at the forefront daily.
This school, although being relatively small compared to public schools, does everything in its power to provide a diverse selection of clubs and activities for any and all students in which to participate. There is something for everyone. Many of the activities are simply for fun or for learning skills and teamwork, while others focus on improving academics and serving the community. The faculty and staff share much of their spare time sponsoring and assisting with these clubs and activities.
I have been very pleased with the education and college preparation my children have received at this school. Being a Christian school the staff and students are allowed and encouraged to practice their faith and to love on one another without being reprimanded. The staff and faculty love what they do and it shows in their interactions with the students. The caliber of education and knowledge the teachers impart to the students is top of the line. We are blessed to have had our children at Faith West Academy all these years.
Although general policies are fair, favoritism is shown to teachers and students that excel in academics.
Although each teacher could certainly improve in one area or another, it remains abundantly evident that all educators deeply care about their students. In addition, most teachers display a certain passion for their field of expertise.
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The school building, gym facilities, and sports fields are organized and clean. The projectors and computer interfaces in the classes are good quality and used properly and often by teachers. The college prep resources and guidance counselors are good, and the administration is very approachable.
Varsity sports are a lot of fun. Teachers in the advanced courses are especially knowledgeable and make difficult classes more enjoyable.
Solid academics and good character are needed for admittance. Plans are available for tuition payment.
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