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Faith Ringgold School Of Arts And Science Reviews

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All these reviews are old and clearly do not reflect the leadership change of 2016-2017.

True the building is old! However I have found that every teacher there regularly goes above and beyond to ensure student success. My kids have been tutored after school, taken on multiple field trips and enrolled in both STEM and Chess clubs...all outside of school hours and on teachers own time.

I've seen parents encourage their kids to curse and disrespect teachers, the SRO and to ignore homework, yet blame teachers when their child doesnt get grades they are proud of.

Ultimately it is parents that advocate for and ensure their students have access to the education they most want them to have...blaming overworked, underpaid teachers or an aging building is the easy way out. This school is small enough for each kid to get personalized attention, but without parental support the path to success is that much harder
Many kids deserved suspensions for harassment of other students and bullying and were merely suspended for two days in school!
Its a very run down school lacking many long overdue renovations for the students.
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There is a lot of cultural difference at this school, ranging from Polynesians, Filipinos, African Americans, and Mexican Americans. They push the issue of accepting the LGBT community a little too much if you ask me though, and I'm open to all ethnicities and Gender Identities.
We had mandatory PE but no lockers to change in, so whatever you were wearing that day was what you exercised in. It was basic stretches and a game of soccer, football, or kickball every time. They struggled sometimes in getting a PE instructor, we had substitutes every time.
The school is outdated and the technology is not contemporary. I think that there are major safety issues with the giant field, any one has access to it and can step on school grounds. I did not like this school, I thought I would advance in knowledge of science and art, but it really was just the basic curriculum at a public school. The Bathrooms ran out of paper towels quickly and bathrooms were sometimes uncleanly. The school itself is hidden and isolated. I did not enjoy attending here.
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