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I loved Faith Prep. I spent 3 years at this genuinely amazing school. Each moment that was spent there was purposeful. They long to see you succeed and grow in the talents and abilities the Lord has given you.
The principle of the school is the issue of concern. I believe it's just a job to her and nothing more. I don't understand how this school received such good rating. The teachers are good, some even great. However there is bullying in the school and little is done about it. It is a shame. I hope this changes soon.
I have attend Faith Preparatory School for almost seven years now, and I have truly enjoyed every second of it. Stepping in as a sixth grader was intimidating and frightening, but the teachers and students made my first day as a junior high student easy and fun. As my high school career is coming to an end, I can't help but be grateful for the opportunity to grow in faith and learn more than I could have ever imagined from my teachers. The teachers, staff, and students are all apart of what make the school great.
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Faith Prep has been fantastic for our daughter. She is academically challenged, unconditionally loved and challenged spiritually. We could not be happier!
A great place for students to grow spiritually, emotionally and academically! Once you're there you feel like family!
My daughter enjoys going to Faith Prep and the teachers are wonderful and caring. Staff are friendly and compassionate. Would recommend Faith to anyone.
My children have been attending Faith since Kindergarten, they are now in 5th grade.

We love the Christian based curriculum, the loving atmosphere, the small classroom sizes and the fun activities.
I went to Faith Prep several years ago. As I reflect on my experience there, I must say the school has undoubtedly prepared me for college, graduate school, and the "real-world." The curriculum is taught from a Christian perspective, which is significantly better than the general education taught at public schools. To this day, I still talk to my classmates, and each of us still recall the fun times we had there. If you're looking for a great place to send your son or daughter, I highly recommend Faith Prep. Class of 2011! Go Bulldogs!
The school has a well balanced meal plan as well as health and fitness classes to prepare students to take care of their bodies. Physical education plays a big part in this school.
I love how much the school has to offer in comparison to its size. All teachers and coaches are well informed and talented in what they are teaching.
I would recommend this school to any individual who can learn independently and feels comfortable around smaller groups. I love this school because of the relationship i have with other student s and how close we all are. At faith students help one another in both studies and personal conflicts
The people and staff are amazing, but academical we are left as independent students. Students are required to work on their studies individually. Few teachers tutor students when needed.
The school took extra precautions to make sure the school was safe and secure, especially in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. The school also increasingly has developed projects and programs against bullying. The nurses are great when they are there and the health program is truly insightful when taught correctly.
It is a small school, therefore, there is limited extracurricular club. There are advantages to that and disadvantages. Students have the ability to customize club to their interests and needs. However, many leave the school after middle school because of lack of activities.
My overall experience was good. The teachers and staff were excellent. Since it is a small school, drama would ensue at times among the students. However, the experience was joyful and educational.
Teachers at this school are fun and intelligent. They care about the individual students and do everything in their power to help them succeed. They may be limited in space and funding, however they do the best with what they have.
When it comes to this school, what you get is what you see. I don't mind Christianity as whole, and I love the people, but the classes are too basic. The high school teachers are pretty great, but they aren't miracle workers, they do with what they have, and I commend them for it.
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