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I've attending Faith Outreach Academy practically my whole life from kindergarten to graduating senior year. My time there wasn't the best, but I've learned a lot about morals and faith. I'm where I am today because I was taught the right manners and the proper way to approach life. There is still room for improvement, but I was glad to have attending this school.
It was a mediocre school at best. While the administration does a phenomenal job of hiring caring and competent teachers, they do not stay long. I've been told by many previous teachers that the administration does not communicate well or have the teacher's back in disciplinary actions. They do not provide teachers with basic needed resources to run a class. If your child or a family member of the child attends the church they can do almost anything and get away with it. The sports program is trudging along but is still too small to gain recognition outside of the school. There is no theater program, computer lab, or library, nor is there any intentions to make any. The re are three good things the school has going for it: great and loving teachers, duel enrollment, and it is small. Aside from that don't bother sending your child here as of now because the school has many problems it needs to address first.
My experience has been very very great. I've enjoyed all the memories (good and bad) that I've made here. It was a very fun learning experience academically and in aspects I can apply in everyday life. I was negative towards attending a private school at first but my mind was changed once I made friends with students and teachers alike. I would do it all over again!
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There is an absolutely no tolerance against bullying. All bullying whether it be online to another student, verbal, or physical is all treated in a very grave and serious manner. This is what should be done in most schools because it would allow the students to not have to worry about bullying when they come to school.

This school really allows students to get involved in decisions such as school lunch menu and clubs among other things. There is the usual peer pressure but it varies with the group of friends you choose to associate with. It being a Christian school really helps in the acceptance aspect of it, students of all academic levels, genders, and ethnicity are made welcome all in the same manner.
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