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The extracurriculars are really great, but can only be accomplished if the majority of the school population wants to take part. The fact that the school is so small makes it more difficult to have extracurriculars, because if not enough people want to participate, then that activity won't happen.
This school has done a lot to prepare me for life after high school. It's given me a greater love for the arts. It is dedicated to Christ and to appreciation of the world through a Christian view. Some of my favorite things about Faith Lutheran are that we can take dual credit courses at the community college, we have open class discussions, and I get to play in the orchestra. They are dedicated to learning about the past and applying it to the future. They especially do this through literature, which is so beneficial, because we learn from ancient text rather than about ancient text. I would definitely choose it for its academics, but I think I wouldn't choose it because of the social circles and the clubs are very limited. It's a small school and therefore it's harder to have diverse social groups and clubs.
The teachers always make sure that we understand the concepts, and will give us real world examples, on the board illustrations, video resources, and much more. They are always opening to engaging in discussions rather than just telling us what to know. They are very good at asking questions that stimulate conversation surrounding the topics covered in class, but also apply to real world problems.
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This school automatically becomes unique due to it small size, but is also unique to its environment too. For example all the students really do love God, and are also determined to succeed in school and move onto college.
All the teachers are very consistent in their methods of grading, while their methods do differ they all do an exceptional job of getting their point/lesson across.
The school safety is very secure, the outer doors all remained locked during the day, and you are not allowed access in without approval of the front office, who can view the outer doors and hallways through the multiple security camera's.
All teachers that work at the school are willing to do whatever will help make sure that you are successfully achieving high grades and progressing throughout your high school career.
Music-wise is good, sports not so much.
Great environment, not too many people.
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