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Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School Reviews

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I love the way this school is easily accepting of anybody, the way that religion is applied also plays a huge role on my life.
During the time spent at Faith Lutheran I have garnered many Friendships, connections, and life long memories. The staff at Faith Lutheran are dedicated to ensuring the safety, and perseverance of the children in attendance. Throughout my time at Faith, staff have taken time out of their day to help me in my day to day life, as well as in my school career. These are only a couple of the reasons that this school is amazing, though personally to me the biggest reason why it is a great school, is because they teach us how to be hard workers in life, who love and share God.
In all Faith Lutheran is an amazing school I went to three different high schools in three years my freshmen year I went to a school on Maui, my sophomore year I went to Bishop Gorman, finally my junior year I went to Faith Lutheran. Out of all the schools I went to, Faith Lutheran felt the most at home and I felt the most loved. Faith Lutheran will always be my favorite school and I appreciate them in everything that they do.
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The school is committed to the student and their success. There are multiple academies within the school for student interests. Sports are important to the culture and the facilities are great. There are amazing plans in the future to continue growing. The teachers are incredibly committed and involved with the students. There is very little teacher turnover.
Faith Lutheran Middle School& High School, a p;ace where you can find yourself. In Faith, everyone treats each other with love and respect. In Faith, we learn how to share our love across the world. Being in Faith, is not only achieving academic goals but also finding our interests and dreams in school clubs and after-school activities. I am glad to call Faith Luteran High School a part of my family.
Faith Lutheran High School has been a great fit for me academically, socially and an overall positive experience for me. It has allowed me to learn and grow into the person I have become today. Faith has provided me the fundamentals for my future to achieve and pursue my future academic goals.
My high school experience was exceptional. This was a private institution and it has prepared me for college so well. I fit in perfectly here, had amazing resources to prepare for college with teachers that looked out for me and helped me outside of class as well. This school offered me so many extracurriculars and activities to attend, and I was very much involved into this school.
While my experience with Faith Lutheran had its bumps, overall I was definitely very well prepared for College and received many opportunities that I would not have experienced had I gone to a public school. However, the religious hypocrisy was truly awful. But what can you expect from a generally white strict Lutheran Missouri Synod School.
Great school. Great location. Great scores. My kids love it and so do I. I have one in 6th and in 10th. They enjoy it. They feel Very safe at school. All students are there for a great education. Wonderful teachers and staff. Amazing sports, theatre and tons of clubs. A fit for everyone!!!
I love Faith because the faculty and staff are truly like family. They are there whenever you need them for whatever reason and all of them are truly helpful. There are endless possibilities for sports and creative arts.
This school has very nice curriculums whether you're an athlete or an artist as well as an urge to give a lot of oppurtunities for students to help outside the school such as yearly mission trips. Also this school provides extremely friendly counselors who will help students find a college that's right for them. However, this school also has its downfalls. This school is incredibly expensive, about $1100 per month and most students are very materialistic, taking pride in their parents money and making fun of those who are poor.
Faith Lutheran has a great Christian environment that allows anyone to express thei Christian Faith freely. Also, their academic curriculum is very challenging but rewarding.
I loved how Faith Lutheran encouraged extracurriculars and how their extracurriculars were so diverse.
Teachers communicate with parents and administration also are open to parents.tuition is pricey and also going up every readiness is very good.tuition fees I hope won't go up anymore.
Faith is a great high school to go to. The staff is friendly and helpful. The resources and facilities are well kept. There will always be issues with some students and teacher, but the majority is great. Education is challenging depending on the subjects. There are also a variety of excellent programs. School spirit could be improved. Sports opportunity is great, but education is considered more important for student-athletes. This is a good Christian environment school. Overall this school is well-rounded with people who care about the students being successful and going to college.
I absolutely love it here! I am the daughter of a military child, so we tend to move from place to place quite frequently. It is often hard to make friends in a new school, especially as a junior when there are only two years left until my class is whisked away to college. However, I am very thankful and proud to say that Faith Lutheran has been the most welcoming of all eight school I have ever attended. I am very fortunate to be able to attend school here.
The staff is very kind and caring. The school has been trying to expand and develop a lot lately, and they are trying to build a middle school across the street so that the middle schoolers and high schoolers don't have to share the same buildings. The classrooms are pretty nice and they provide a good education for the students.
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I have attended Faith Lutheran since sixth grade. Despite a few below average teachers here and there, Faith Lutheran has been an ideal school for me, setting me up for the future in terms of colleges and eventually my career. I have learned things here that I will take with me through years and spread on to friends and family.
I didn't go to Faith for freshman year, this year however has changed me. Not only have I grown in my relationship with Christ but I've also taken my education to my full advantage. I honestly feel so blessed to be taking part in this school and truly believe any child who wanted to better prepare him/herself would not only enjoy this school but also appreciate what it has to offer. Thanks to Faith Lutheran I have a group of loyal friends, as well as a herd of teammates from the sport I play. In addition to all of this, the teachers make anyone feel welcomed and loved.
It is very big and it has lots of clubs that we can join.
Also there are counselors who help to guideline about college or university
And it has lots of classes that we can choose depending on credit requirements for graduation.
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