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Loved the care given to each student, the admin knows all the students. The ability to try new things and go outside your comfort zone.
Faith Lutheran High School in La Verne, California is an excellent college preparatory school. The teachers and administration are highly focused on the development of each child (mental, physical, and spiritual). The school consistently outperforms on SAT test scores compared with other public and regional private high schools. Students who are heading to college are well prepared for success. The NJROTC (Naval Jr Reserve Officer Training Corp) is a unique program at this school for those students interested in developing leadership & communication skills that will carry forward throughout their professional career. For those students willing to work hard, Faith Lutheran High School will take them very far in their higher education and professional career goals.
My high school experience here at Lutheran High School was quite decent and I enjoyed it, but it was also lacking some qualities that I wanted. The academics they offer here was better than average because the teachers were excellent at teaching the material. Despite Lutheran High School small size, they have a pretty solid sports program, which our basketball, volleyball and baseball team all went to CIF my senior year. The parent involvement here was superb because the school allows parents to be more involved with the activities and events they do here. You can say that the school is very family-orientated. However, due to the school's small size, there were some areas that the school was lacking in. One thing I noticed was the lack of clubs and the school culture was a little dull. They had a NJROTC program that I was a part of, but besides that, there really wasn't anything else. If the school expanded a bit more, than it would have overcome most of it's flaws and be perfect.
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It didn't really teach me a thing. Food was ok freshman year it had just gotten worse. Athletics are awful, and there after no windows in any rooms so u just feel trapped.
hi, l think this school is stupid ldk why this school has ROTC and trying to being like military this school is so bad i do not recommend sending your kid here go Bishop
how the food cost 10dollar? panera cost 5 dollar bro
ldk y u guys add 5 dollar more;; fix this
What the heck is ROTC? leadership that a nothing r u kidding me?
they are trying to being like "military"
and l heard from my friend food coast 10dollar for a day;; wow~
Teachers really seem to care and most have been with the school for years, so there is not a high turn over.
Very unreliable school, they are in an unstable situation, wouldn't recommend sending your children here for the next few years, they almost shut down the past year, don't let this be a problem for your child
Have gotten very greedy over the past years, sports have gone down tremendously, waste of money and time
Not a great school very happy with the way they treat students also thought they could do better with sports
This school isn't very great, it isn't up to par for what they make you pay, terrible administration, they have gotten really greedy over the years, college readiness isn't there, sports are disappearing by the year, the school is supposedly a great Christian environment but that isn't true, the school is being flooded by delinquents who aren't able to go to other schools, i would suggest that you look into other schools for your children
I've attended this school a few years back, the school started going downhill, the administration became terrible and money hungry, a lot of sports I was interested in disappeared from the options of sports available to participate in, many of my friends left sophomore year due to hating the school and what they offered, a big issue I had with the school is how money hungry they are, the school did almost anything to make student pay more, and graduation was terrible, graduation in a tiny gym didn't make me feel accomplished.
This school is not a good school. Many of the kids hate it and wish they transferred. The school has become greedy and try's to make you pay more than what you're getting. The school is way too small and has an impact on sports since there aren't many kids. They don't offer the sports that people wish to play and they get greedy with the money that's supposed to go into sports. The academics aren't that great either. The teachers aren't very good.
I overall enjoy studying here. I have established friendship with people who have different back grounds. The school is really small, so I am able to participate in every activity.
I am a current student at the moment. Right now my experience hasn't been all that great. There is a very little amount of students and yes it does help students build long lasting relationships but on the other hand students dont develop as much social skills which tends to leave them very unsocial outside of school. Most of the students I've talked to don't enjoy it, many of them seem very depressed which is not good. The campus is small and doesn't offer facilities that you would find at larger schools. If I was a parent of a student that plans on or is sending their children to this school I would suggest them to consider different options for schools.
In high school, I was on the unarmed drill team in Faith Lutheran High's NJROTC Navy program. This was an excellent way for me to learn discipline, responsibility, teamwork and leadership. These program, along with multiple sports teams and clubs like the National Honors Society and Spanish club made LHS great, despite it's size.
The teachers are more than just teachers- they're mentors, role models, and some of the most loving, nurturing people ever. Sure, they'll challenge you a bit in your studies, but that just makes you grow as an intellectual individual, ready for college and beyond. LOVE the teachers. Guys, if you pay attention and do your homework, you'll have NO problems and have an AMAZING time.
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I always took lunch from home, but the options aren't bad. For a small school, they have quite a bit of options.
I love how everyone can get involved- NO MATTER WHAT. People can participate in those Varsity sports (again for college apps) instead of at a public school where very few make it to varsity.
If you are looking to participate in a lot of activities, you know for those college apps, Lutheran High is a great place to go. Their basketball team used to make it to state level. Not so much anymore, but Lutheran High is a place of opportunity- unlike public schools where its a lot harder to get really involved in all of the activities that you are interested in.
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