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Faith Lutheran High School Reviews

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My son is in his last year at Faith and I could not be happier. Great school, staff, environment, students! Highly recommend this school.
Faith is a small school with many opportunities. They have many sports and extracurricular clubs. They have a wide array of subjects, some like psychology, astronomy, and agricultural science are unexpected this size school. The teachers are caring and get to know the students well enough to encourage each to reach their potential. They acknowledge and encourage growth in non-academic areas also such as music, art, community service, robotics, etc. It has been a good fit for my child who was floundering in a crowded public school. Here my child has thrived.
My experience at Faith, overall, has been a very positive one. The education I have received is unparalleled. The sense of community is ever present in my daily life at Faith. Plus I have made life long friendships.
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I came to Faith Lutheran from China. I liked being at a small school where it was easy to make friends. The teachers were very helpful and prepared me for my studies at the university.
I like that the teachers make themselves available to the students and that the school really encourages students to get involved in activities. I think that's how so many people get scholarships for grades and sports when they graduate. I'm glad a chose to come to school here.
This is an awesome school. I admit that the building is old, but it is getting better every single year. If you are looking into it, this is definitely the right school. Trust me, this school will change your life.
I loved going to Faith. The teachers really care about the students and they prepared me for college. I have so many friends who are struggling in school now because their high school didn't push them to do better. When we talk about our high schools a lot of them can't believe that a small school like Faith exists and tell me they wish their school was like it.
Faith is a small little school in northern Illinois and has great academic and sports opportunities.
At faith you have a lot of oportunities to develop and to make friends
For a small school its great, however for me being used to a bigger school and having the caring friendly environment its great , it can improve but overall its ok
Some teachers do a great job, sadly not every teacher does , some of them i feel like they are being forced to work , they barely teach and all they do is assign reading guides without explaining the topic to the class
I had a good time freshman and sophomore year but the years after were awful.
I have never felt unsafe at Faith.
There are many opportunities here. One of my friends wanted a Bass Fishing Team. The next year we had one. There are many great things about this school - this is just one of them
This school gives kids the opportunity to learn rather than worry about popularity or status.
if you go here, know that this is a super conservative school. and know they're strict in the book, but not in action.
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