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Loved that it is a small town with small classes for learning.
Great basketball program for both boys and girls.
Love the four day week schedule.
They have a outstanding rodeo club program for the students.
Teachers and facility understand the kids that come in from the rural community.
Wish that the lunch program was better and that there where more class choices for seniors.
Faith High School could use a better bus for there athletic program,
along with better mobile units that offer a better variety of updated classes.
Not much to work with
Not many options but enough for all .
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I like my small school
Most of the teachers here are pretty great.
Most of the teachers will help you after class and care how you are doing. Not every teacher is that way, but most are. They know as much as I deem necessary for a teacher, and will communicate with you on a daily basis.
The teachers are great here, they do so much to help the students out.
It has everything of sports but wrestling anymore.
It is great her, we offer weights class and p.e at the same time. So the kids that choose to can stay in shape and p.e is required at least one semester.
I think this school is pretty great, because mostly if you don't feel like doing something they will drop the issue and leave it alone.
The School's staff is super involved within each students day to day learning experience. The attention each student gets is incredible. It may go with having a small school, but, this being my second high school, the involvement at Faith High School is considerably better than Lyman High. The atmosphere is also friendlier. Everyone here shares a common goal to become a better person, teachers work with students to achieve instead of battling them. I would give Faith High a 5-star rating based on the teaching and administrative staff. They make the best possible work with what they have. The new school has accommodated them well. While the new school is a nice facility, the gym area, extra curricular equipment, and lack of certain facilities is a hinder. They lack a music program completely and also are in need of a track. Well, for that matter, a hundred 120 yards (counting the end-zone, 10 yards each) would be appreciated for the football field. The gym, old warped tile is slick from chemical released on the floor from a fire extinguisher, seating is very limited, tiles are gone and cracked, and the scoreboard barely lights. They must use the city community center for a gym in varsity sports because the school's gym lacks quality, seating, and size. The gym remained standing while the school was condemned in years past. The quality of equipment and facilities is the where the two stars are missing.
I feel very safe in my school. We are in a very, very small town so we don't have to worry about too much security. There is only one set of doors unlocked during the day and everybody who comes in has to check in at the office. We have never had to worry about being unsafe.
I don't think any student will praise their school cafeteria. The food is okay, but it's not something that I crave or necessarily look forward to eating. It could use an improvement, but considering, it is okay overall.
Many students take part in the sports offered at school. We have a great reputation for sports here, most schools becoming our rivals because we are so successful. Everybody supports the athletes and encourages them to do their best.
I really enjoy my high school. I love how small we are, having only 14 students in my class. Everybody knows everybody which makes for a very comfortable environment.
The school administration at my school is very involved with the students. There are many rules to follow and if they are not followed there is punishments such as detention. If it is found out that bullying is occurring it is taken care of. Dress code is important; straps at least an inch wide, skirts/shorts longer than fingertips, bellybutton cannot show. Attendance is also important. If you skip too many hours you could get detention or you cannot be exempt for the finals.
We have a new school, so it's very nice. We don't have a bus. And our lunch program isn't the greatest.
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We have a lot of general classes, but not a wide variety. We are able to take them online though, which is very helpful. It can be difficult though because you can't always see the teacher or have them help you face to face. It's all over the computer. We have excellent teachers.
For the size of the school, quite a variety of classes are offered. The small class sizes let you get to know your teachers and classmates and allow for a more personal learning experience. Most of the teachers are great, and all are willing to lend their time to help a student out. AP Classes have been available through a local university, and this year AP Programs are being implemented in the school--these classes are very demanding but rewarding also. Workload is as difficult as you make it--there is usually homework in at least one class but with good time management it isn't cumbersome. The only disadvantage is due to the amount of distance courses offered, our schedule process isn't very efficient, and sometimes students cannot take what they want because of what they need and where it falls during the day. For the most part, though, if you want to take a class, you can.
Being a very small town, it is difficult for our high school to fund a variety of after-school programs, and so options-wise there isn't much for extracurriculars, especially for arts/music/etc--these are mostly done on the student's own time, not through the school. There is a yearly play that is put on, and also an Oral Interpretation group which has done well in competition in recent years. If you are into sports, the programs we do have (basketball, volleyball, football, cross-country running, track and field) are very enjoyable--good coaches, lots of opportunities to play and practice, and being such a small school one is guaranteed a spot on the team--just make sure you work hard! As far as starting groups go, funding is difficult to find so going through the school is not always fruitful.
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