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My son just graduated after starting at Faith Heritage in 2nd grade. I am so thankful my husband and I made the choice to send him there. He had ups and downs throughout his years, and some social challenges...but I always found the faculty to be great Christian role models and encouragers. His Math teacher helped him get over hurdles in math, so he earned a solid B+ throughout. His English teacher inspired a love for literature that continues to grow. He struggled with his faith through his high school years, and I'm so grateful to these faithful teachers who continued to point him to Christ. (tears as I type this) Praise God for this school!
I gave Faith Heritage 2 stars ,because they are not very diverse and really don't embrace other nationality.. They favor certain student in their circle.. The education is ok and have limited sports.. which is ok. If your an minority you might want to look else where for schooling.
Faith Heritage was a pretty good school academically but some teachers were "preparing" you for college wrong. They were way too conservative to where if you had any differing opinions you could be shunned. Very small school, but I liked it that way.
I had many problems with the way the school was run, like them covering things up and replacing a the best teacher I've ever had with a man with no education degree! They scramble to get teachers but some are plainly NOT QUALIFIED.
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Safe, Christian learning environment. Teachers are very dedicated to your child's education and also give up a lot to teach here. It is a college prep school, and the teachers don't slack off. Not a ton of options, having only guys basketball/soccer/track/cross country and girls volleyball/track/cross country. (it is a small school) Lunches are okay, classrooms are cold in the winter and hot as summertime gets closer. Overall the best school in Syracuse to send your child to if you want to see Christ in the classroom.
I graduated over 10 years ago so I am not sure how the school is now, but when I attended it was lacking in many things that I needed to truly advance as a student and a young adult.
Since the class sizes are very small, the teachers can give you individual help. Th food isn't great, but it's getting better. The academics are difficult, but it prepares you for college.
Faith Heritage was exactly what I needed. It gave me a great education that prepared me for college along with a solid biblical worldview for life. If you want a school that teaches biblical truth with high academic standards and a caring learning environment- this is the school to go to in CNY. I still have close friends from High School that are making a difference in our city and world.

There are some challenges that come along with an older building and smaller class sizes. However, it is safe, clean, and improvements are always being made. They have an old gym and a second huge gym for athletics. The Valley area is centrally located for families from across the region.
My children have just flourished at Faith Heritage! It was the best thing we could have done for them by sending them there. The staff is great and have worked wonders for my daughter with learning issues. They have been so supportive. And they offer plenty of activities for them to participate in. Tuition is low compared to a lot private schools. And I love that as a parent we can volunteer a lot and get involved in what our children are doing.
If you are an extremely conservative fundamentalist evangelical and would like your kids to be raised exclusively in that, then go here. If those are not your values, RUN. I attended FHS from k-12. Because the school is so tiny, everyone, including teachers/admin, gossip constantly. It's a under-resourced Christian fish bowl. While they push "college prep", they do not have anywhere close to the resources of an actual college prep school. Many FHS graduates go on to college only because they come from WASP homes. There is no diversity and the school does not have the resources for any decent extra curricular classes or clubs. The standards for teachers can be VERY low (mostly because they can't pay teachers a decent salary). In high school, I had an immigrant woman (who did not speak English; no knowledge of US school system) who was "teaching" all Spanish classes. Most of the teachers truly care about the student but don't have resources to be even a half decent school.
I attended Faith Heritage School for fourteen years of my life--that's elementary, middle, and high school plus kindergarten and preschool. While it was my parents' decision to send me there during elementary and middle school, it was enough of a fit for me to choose to stay there during high school as well.
Overall, I had a positive, lasting, and formative experience there. The community is very close. I know many of my classmates' parents from extra-curricular events, some of whom I still keep in touch with.
Despite being small in size and having a relatively small staff, I felt academically prepared to enter college upon graduating. The curriculum at Faith Heritage was challenging, especially in science and math (subjects that are not my strongest). I came out of it having good SAT scores and a competent writing ability.
I felt prepared coming into college at this school. They challenge the students and give them high expectations. However, since it is a small school everyone know everyone's business including the teachers. I understand if the students intervene with gossip, but not teachers. Also, the temperature in the school is not regulated. It was too cold during the winter (they gave us hot chocolate in the hallways because of it) and too hot in the summer times. They need to update a lot of the facilities in the school.
The true value in Faith Heritage is in its biblical basis and teachers that truly care about your well-being. The teachers are very involved with their students and strive to make them succeed. But beyond academics, they also care about your personal life. My teachers have often driven me to the hospital to visit my mom or constantly ask me about her and say they are praying for her.
Academically, it is challenging if you take the right classes. You have to take initiative and apply yourself or you won't do well. Teachers are always willing to work with you. Some of the teachers are difficult to get along with and because of the low pay many teachers leave after only teaching one year. However, that does ensure that the teachers that are there want to be there.
The English Department is excellent and with new dual credit course with local colleges you will be well prepared to write essays for colleges. The English teachers also offer help when writing essays to apply to colleges.
Good school, gooa academics, good teachers, healthy place, no bar or club, help you best connects with God, students are friendly and smart
Theres not an absurd amount of extracurricular activities at my school, but thats just because of the size of the school. On the other hand we do have various appealing clubs and activities available to students. Also my school's administrators are very open to ideas of new clubs and activities, suggestions are always welcomed.
My experience has been awesome the past 9 years. I have an incredible group of classmates having various personalities. Something that makes my school unique is the bond between the students, grade level does not affect how students interact. We're one student body and this is a perfect example of it.
The teachers at Faith Heritage put in great sacrifice to bring students the best learning experience possible. They are committed to understanding each student's particular educational needs. Teachers are capable of presenting ideas thoroughly and efficiently through the use of technology as well. Although each teacher is different, they all share a unique passion for what they do.
They are very good about keeping the students safe. There are talks about bullying, and there is little to none. The Nurse is always available and is amazing at keeping children calm and taken care of. The Christian values are incorporated especially in the nurse's office as that nurse has prayed over many students and giving consent support during 'scary' situations.
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There are not many clubs or extra activities that Faith Heritage supplies.
The class size of the school is small, and I went through Pre-K to 10th grade with the same people. You create relationships with students and teachers that will last a life-time! I wish that there was more use of technology (and Wi-Fi!!) in the building. It would add so much to the teaching and learning processes at Faith Heritage. Also I wish that there were more tutoring opportunities for ESL students and students with learning disabilities so they would feel confident in succeeding at the school!
The teachers themselves (especially in the elementary years) are very approachable and want their students to succeed. In high-school it is the same, except there is not an expansion of use of technology, and there is a limited tutoring, if any. Faith Heritage teachers overall are very good, but there are somethings lacking especially for students that may have a learning disabilities
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