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Faith Family Academy - Oak Cliff Reviews

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I like it it's better the any school in oak Cliff iits all ways expanding I have been a student there since 4 the grade and naw I'm a senior the technology that the school puts cash to is impressive from hi quality phonoto printers to 3d printed I don't think but I know that this school has and still is giving me more chances to be some one and it's also giving me more knolege then I wold expect from isd public school
My experience, at Faith Family has been exciting and very educational. I, would like to see change in how students respond to each other.
Faith Family Academy is a good school I’ve been attending this school since I was in the sixth grade. The teachers and staff are amazing and well talented. The environment is great. You can learn a multitude of things at this school. I like how they help the families and the children in need. They also have a annual health fair that’s free to the public and it’s good for our health. This school goes through so many changes. I think it’s for the benefit of the students and the faculty. This school is great for The whole family and it has an amazing impact on the surrounding communities.
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I really enjoy being at Faith Family. I have literally been at this school my whole life I started attending this school at the age of 3 in Pre-k. Now, I am currently 16 as a Junior and the environment around the school is enjoyable. The school teaches students everything that needs to be learned, and the teachers are so sweet.
This institution has potent of academic acceleration and great faculty dedication, compared to the other schools in the area.
While Faith family academy - oak cliff is a small and gated school, there are a lot that partake in their environment. Throughout my years at this school, I have been granted the pleasure of meeting some of the most caring and amazing teachers and staff (Mr. Branch, Mrs. Adewole, Mrs. Williams, and etc). On the contrary, there have been times where I regret attending this school. I have been in contact with some of the most rudest, and bigotry filled teachers and administrations. Also, the work did my prepare me for college. I had teachers who had attitudes or made you feel “stupid” because of your lack of resources or circumstances of learning the information. Moreover, i believe that the administration didn’t care about their students - we were there so they could collect a check. I also believe that instead of “BACKING THE BLUE” they should be more considerate of their minority students, which make up about 98% of the schools population.
FFA is a very good charter school. The teachers take care of their students. The school is very good academically. I do not like that they stress about dress code more than the class work
I believe this is an overall good school. There are lots of friendly staff that are eager to help you succeed in life. This school also really good in the student to teacher ratio. The largest class site I've encountered was 25 students. I would love to see more courses and variety in the school as a whole. I feel like the administration can do lots more to give more opportunities to the high school students. Also the expansion of the campus would be very beneficial to the campus as a whole.
I'm a graduate from class of 2016 and I really enjoyed heing at Faith Family. The campus is small, the people are nice, teachers are great friends. From my personal experience, I met many great friends and people. The academics part of the school needs a little improvement. When I was there there were no college course available but they heard my voice and of others and introduced veey few college courses. I wish I could have taken some in high school to be more prepared. Overall, still a great school for all grade levels.
I liked everything about Faith Family. Any event doesn't matter what it was Faith Family made it a big deal. Made it very exciting and fun for everybody. If i could change one thing about Faith Family it will be the food, like they have to do better it was disgusting.
I entered this school as a freshman. Being a senior now, I am pleased to say that I like the school. The best aspect of the school would be the safety in the campus. Compared to other nearby schools, this school takes care of their students and makes sure that they succeed in their studies.
My experience at the school, I would say, was okay. Being that it is a small school, there weren't many organizations that I could join. However, the ones that were available was good. The thing that makes this school unique is the fact that each person that enters the school campus is different. There's never a day like the day before. Frankly, I would probably choose this school again, because the experice I had was okay. Despite the difficulties that I faced, I've learned from them, and progressed to be a better person.
This school lack some challenging criteria, but overall the school isn't bad for the mix of Hispanics and African Americans. No one is offensive because of skin color or religion. The school's community is small which is good socially because you can met a ton of students from various grades. This school could have most student activities because I noticed this year that activities count a lot towards colleges and scholarships. Also sometimes I lack knowledge of event that go on such as Homecoming, PTSO, Sprit Day or other things that could be important like Field Trips or Senior meetings.
The teachers are awesome I wish I could take them with me to college!
The teachers at this school, overall, is okay. They have some bad times, but the good out weighs the bad.
They have great after school programs such as student council and interact club
They need to step up their game
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There are very few that's offered.
Nothing really bad has ever happened at this school. For as long as i been here i feel safe.
I would've liked to go to a different school that offered more. I could have done more with my high school experience. I'd come back to this school because of the foundation that it has built for me.
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