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I have attended Faith Christian for my entire schooling career. I have made many friends and have gotten even closer to the friends I made when I was in kindergarten. I have enjoyed being able to participate in our schools athletics, and many other extracurricular activities such as student council and band. I have enjoyed attending Faith Christian for the atmosphere and also how much the teachers are invested in our futures.
School will work with you to custom student's study course, if you have high achievers this is best school to go. I have been accept to 11 different school including 5 UC school and 2 Ivy school.
There are great activities but maybe not enough.
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There is always a great time at school and everyone is friendly.
The teachers really care about all students and genuinely want them to do their best. They teach us about God and want us to fulfill His plan for our lives.
To get into Faith Christian you must sign a contract that states that you will not break any of the codes in the student handbook. They do not really care about your grades but they do care about the integrity of each student.
Faith has room to grow programs and it's enrollment and it is a GREAT school
The teachers are amazing. I have not ever had a bad experience in my entire experience at Faith.
The campus was built in the 1980's, so it's a little dated. But everything is very easily accessible, clean, and safe. The gym, which is newer, is pristine and probably the nicest in our area.
You can find anything if you seek it out, but at Faith drugs, alcohol, and sex are things are not the norm and often those who participate in these activities are in more trouble from there peers and family than the school.
The faculty is very friendly and willing to work with families.
Being a small school, it's impossible to have the wide range of clubs that other schools do. But, what we do have we excel in. We have FBLA, CSF, Band, service outreach, yearly mission trips, and Drama- all top ranked programs in the region.
FCHS has school spirit, amazing teachers, and a close-knit atmosphere. Since the student body is fairly small, most students are involved in many activities and take leadership positions as upperclassmen. Teachers are more than willing to help you, especially when you take advantage of the weekly tutoring periods.I am so happy I chose to spend my high school years at Faith. It helped me grow so much academically and spiritually.
The facilities are very adequate.
There are not a lot of clubs at our high school.
the sports are fun but the coaching is not always good. Coaches are hard to find for some of the sports. There limited sports because of the limited students. two girls sports cannot be offered at the same time every year, such as soccer and softball, because there are not enough girls in the school that want to do one or the other and the numbers can be very uneven so the school is forced to choose which sport is played. many people go to the basketball games and soccer games and also volleyball but the other sports are not so well attended.
There is no cafeteria at Faith but there is a snack bar that has some snack foods and frozen options for meals and also drinks and desserts.
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the scheduling process is easy and classes that are needed are easy to get because of very small classes. The teachers enjoy their subjects and are very good teachers. The curriculum is like most other schools curriculum. Studies for classes are not difficult and help from teachers is easily received.
I enjoyed my time at Faith and was involved in sports and had many friends. Everyone knew everyone and the teachers were great during my time there. The school is unique because the teachers genuinely care about the students and the support for success is felt. Classes were well taught and the work load was manageable. I would attend Faith again if given a choice.
The teachers are great and some have been teaching there for a number of years and are well loved. Some positions do not seem to hold teachers as well and the positions are being filled by fresh out of college teachers and those with not so much experience. getting harder and harder to find teaches for some of the subjects.
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