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While there is well rounded opportunities, they are few due to the smaller enrollment of the school.
Huge safety measures recently installed to protect entire school.
Recently added safety tape to all windows and glass doors to prevent intruders. video camera at entrance with remote entry access. Bullying occurs on occasion but is dealt with immediately and sternly. All teachers trained in 1st aid and immediate response requirements defibulators and such.
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Academic learning is top notch, organization is not where it could be but that is being worked on. Smaller school means there aren't always as many options for students to choose from but these kids are not left short on what they need to succeed in life.
My son loves all his teachers. We have had only one teacher that was difficult and that teacher hasn't been with the school for a number of years now. They are approachable, mentoring, and caring always. They attend all the events even if it isn't. The entire staff is like family not only to each other but to the parents and students as well.
Our school is very small and we do not have a nurse present at all times. The school recently put in a new system that keeps all of the doors locked with a buzzer system. As far as bullying goes, we don't see a whole lot of it because we are a Christian school and it is not tolerated. That being said, our school is not perfect and people don't always get along.
If you aren't involved with sports, there isn't really a lot you can do for extracurriculars. Student council, choir, art classes, band, and theater are options for those who aren't interested in athletics. Our school's theater productions are really great, actually, for being such a small school. We have a lot of talented kids.
The teachers at our school are very helpful and really do care about you as a person.
I would choose Faith if I had to do high school all over again because I learned from a Christian viewpoint. I made lots of new friends when I transferred to Faith.
We do not have an official school bus, however if we go on a field trip or an away sports game bussing is often available. We have a brand new building and everyone is willing to help you get into college. We have a few smart boards as well that we get to use to benefit math classes and English class sometimes as well.
I always feel safe when I go to school. We have practiced lock down drills, and once we had to use it because a criminal was loose in the area. During the lock down we did not know exactly what was going on but we were locked in safely so that no one could get in even if they wanted to.
All the office staff are nice and so are the guidance counselor and principal. Bullying is not an issue, however a few teachers will quickly get on your back nicely about the dress code.
There is always a sport going on during the school year. There is also the opportunity for being involved in the school theater. I have not played any sports but the theater was lots of fun. The director would always bring in snacks for us. She would always make sure that we were learning our lines and understand the storyline of the play.
All teachers at faith care about their students!
I love the bond I have with the kids.
the administration really cares about the kids
not too many choices other than sports
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i have enjoyed most teachers-they care
the academics is wonderful and challenging
hasn't been the most fun but good experience
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