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Faith Christian works diligently to provide the best Christian Education for students possible. Teachers work tirelessly and Administration spends countless hours insuring all areas maintain a standard of excellence.
Great environment and the teachers were very inclusive and helpful. I attended from 6th grade to 12th grade and my time at Faith Christian shaped me into the person that I am today.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at FCS. I've made great friends and I love all the teachers I've had. I prefer private school because the class sizes are significantly smaller, allowing me to create stronger relationships with my teachers, helping me reach my academic goals. I will really miss all of the wonderful teachers I have had when I go off to college. At FCS, everybody feels like somebody because we all know each other. Nobody is ever left out. The small class sizes really make me feel like I'm getting the most out of my education and I can more easily be helped and ask questions. The AP classes I have taken have been challenging, but with the help of my teachers, I've been successful. I think that FCS has truly prepared me for college. Though I'm sure it will be improved with the school's plan for the future, I wish that students had more resources, such as more counselors or a library.
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Faith Christian is a very well rounded school. It offers various sports such as football and volleyball. It also has various plays and music and art competition that the students can participate in. Every year the drama students go to a Junior Theatre Festival. This is where the students can perform a play in front of other students and actors. Faith also offers AP classes, which help the students better prepare for college. Also, some students are allowed to begin to take college classes online beginning in the 11th grade. Overall, Faith is a safe school. Many parents feel at ease with leaving their child here. The teachers here love each and every student. They take pride in their work and do a very good job at it.
With the size of our school body, some clubs have only a few students participating, and the clubs do only so much doing the year because of their propensity to be disorganized.
The school tries to please as many people as possible, but their communication skills need improvement. There are several rules recently put into place that many teachers and students cannot quite make logical sense of, but overall the teachers and students tend to be friendly. The teachers especially incorporate the Bible into their lessons which is what I came to the school for. Engaging classes, spiritual atmosphere and positive environment make this school great.
Many of my teachers are very competent in their knowledge of material and incorporate real world examples into many of their lessons. The most important aspect of my teachers is that that they truly care about each and every student they come in contact with; their demeanor to each student does not change, each student is received with a warm smile.
Doors are locked and monitored. Cameras are throughout the school and grounds.
No tolerance for violence, language, bullying and improper dress
I feel safe, respected and appreciated. I feel that most of my teachers care about me and want the best for me.
Various clubs are offered with varying time commitments. A broad range of sports are offered and well supported by the school and families
Teachers go out of their way to help students. They are very supportive and concerned about the students
New buildings - great guidance counselor - serious emphasis on college preparation
Written application, placement testing and interview
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