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There have been no health hazards while I have attended the school. We have drills quite often to prepare us in the event of such and are in a closed campus. The students are informed to not let people in as this can be dangerous and there have been no cases of weapons being brought to or found in school
There is a variety of extra curricular activities available and the students do have some choice as to what they want to and will do.
I have gone to multiple schools, but this one provides the most diverse classroom experience with its international students. It has a lot of thought provoking classes which really develop an individual's ideology and are given the opportunity to explore a lot of different perspectives. The Overall Experience at Faith is just great and I would go there again if I had to choose what school to go to. One place that could be improved is the integrating of higher level classes into the school curriculum. I am aware they are available, but having them in a class setting with multiple students together is much more educationally stimulating that doing them by oneself online.
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The teachers at Faith Christian School are very engaged. They tend to the need of every student, and have after school sessions with them in the case that they need any assistance. They are understanding of circumstances and always encourage and help the students improve themselves
Closed campus and instant notifications are send out with any health concerns.
Academically it is one of the best schools. The only thing I would like to improve on would be the overall athletic department. Currently the school has boys soccer, girls volleyball and boys/girls basketball. Having a more attractive sports package would help increase enrollment.
Teachers at FCS know what it takes to motivate and challenge students on a daily basis. Currently two of the teachers are actual Alumni and have return to their roots to help other students be successful. FCS is a Bible based school and focuses on biblical truths and applications. The education at FCS has been known to exceed public school standards and has produce numerous successful graduates into the workforce. Great school, we always recommend it to others.
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