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This is a great school. Not as put together as I would like, and don't always follow through well. Overall, had a decent experience but definitely have poor athletics and bad use of funds. Need a better, less biased administration. Administration lacks in leadership.
The first day I had went to this school in 6th grade, I didn't know what to expect. Even though I went into the day thinking how I may sit alone and have no one to talk to, but I was mistaken. All of the kids in my class including many of the teachers introduced themselves to me and got to know me. It gave me a sense of how much they actually care for the students that come in there. Though Faith is a college-prep school and there are many hard times with schoolwork, but with the help from the teachers and fellow peers, always there to help, is a big encouragement. Then, as a growing school with about 200 students in the high school there is a need for an expansion.
As a first year student I experienced amazing support from teachers. They genuinely cared about the students. The student body is competitive and spirited.
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Faith is a Chrisitan School that focuses on Christianity but does not always apply Christianity into the classes.
My experience here at faith has allowed me to be challenged but also grow as a learner and student! The teachers care and take time out of their schudule to help you learn! I went to public school for 8 years and nothing compares to my 4 years at faith!
Everyone from the teachers to the students was supper nice and encouraging, they want you to succeed.
I truly enjoyed the relationships I formed with my teachers. Because we were a smaller school, I was able to receive more one-on-one instruction and have lessons personalized so that I could understand them better. I do wish that we had more class options. It is a very limited selection due to the limited amount of faculty. Also, more half-day work study/other classes outside of school would be nice. I would have loved to be able to take classes at ivy tech instead of at Faith in order to receive college credit. But due to our schedule, I was unable to make it work with the classes I needed to take.
Although a small school, Faith Christian School has rigorous academics and excellent administration. Communication is excellent with administration, teachers, and coaches. However, class options are limited and can vary in levels of difficulty. Overall, it is a great school that is worth the cost of a private school.
When I first arrived at Faith Christian School, I wasn't sure how I would like it. The longer I've attended this school, I realized the Administration was only trying to work for my good and the good of the school with certain areas of the school. The discipline, dress code, and simple morals are very appealing to the eye and are worth every minute while going to school. By my senior year, my class was equipped with the tools to be Christ followers full of a world that doesn't follow those same beliefs and be prepared for whatever life throws at us.
I love my experiences at faith. Moving from a public school the opportunities at faith have changed my life.
Please see my main review (Nov 5th, 2017) of this school at GreatSchools. As an addendum, I will add that the school has a policy where the superintendent and senior student council review every detention handed out by a teacher. If they don't agree with the detention, it is thrown out. There is no teacher representation during these meetings. When I suggested that there would be, I was mocked by fellow colleagues, saying "We know who volunteered for that duty". Nepotistic practices regarding hiring are common, where experienced and qualified teachers are passed over for family members and friends with less experience and less skill. Teachers are sycophantic in garnering student approval in order to survive the student-parent-administrative complex that dominates school politics. If you want good academics, send your children to a public school. If you want Christian values, home-school them. You will find neither here, but only the pretentious shell of each.
Faith Christian School is a relatively good school compared to other private schools. The academics are tough and I feel like they prepare you for college level classes. However, the school does not have many clubs and not as many sports teams as other schools, but this is because it is a small school. If you want to send your child to a Christian school, though, this a good one.
My experience at Faith has been life-shaping. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. The teachers at Faith are truly devoted to the well-being as a whole of each student. They constantly encourage me to do my best by challenging me in my academics and social life. Not only does Faith succeed in building relationships, but they excel in preparing their students for college. I have had several friends who say their first year of college was easier than high school. the academics at Faith are challenging but there are plenty of helpful resources provided to ensure the success of each student. Another aspect of Faith that I appreciate is the amount of extracurricular activities they encourage their students to participate in. For instance, because I have attended Faith I have been able to be apart of several different music, sports, and drama programs. Faith generally cares for each student that walks the halls, and I am thankful for all of my time spent there.
This school is great when it comes to safety. It doesn't tolerate bullying at all, and it will extinguish it as soon as it appears. The health of the school could be improved, however, I think that hand washing should be mandatory for all students before and after lunch. Also, I think that the school doors should be locked at all times so that intruders could not get in.
I love the friendly atmosphere of this school. Everyone is particularly accepting to new students, and they don't leave certain people/students out of group activities. However, there are some instances where certain teachers discipline certain students in a different way from the rest of the student body. This can cause confusion because it sometimes seems like some students are being treated from other students.
Although most teachers are great and take the time to minister and challenge students, there are a few who do not teach accurately and are not open to new ideas coming from the community. Some can be selective in their communication to students. Overall, I would definitely recommend this school for anyone looking for good academics as well as great teachers that have excellent knowledge about God's Word.
I have been going to this school all my life. It has been a life changer for me because the teachers care so much about each student spiritually, physically, and academically. I wouldn't want to go anywhere but Faith because of the amazing environment and the amazing collage preperation.
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Since the school is small, there are not a lot of available resources, but they make great use of what they have
I thought almost all of the teachers were very qualified with the exceptional of a couple of teachers.
I went to college right after high school. Faith prepared me very well academically but not the different type of people and perspectives people have.
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