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The best thing about Faith Christian School is that the teachers are very involved. It seems like they know each of the students personally. They are very flexible and willing to help any student who needs it. I only wish that Faith Christian School would offer more classes.
The lunch ladies did their best. Some of the meals produced by the Senior classes to earn money for class trips and things varied in quality depending.
Some policies could do with being changed and some in charge weren't willing to listen to ideas on controversial issues.
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A whole lot of problematic behaviors simply didn't happen at my school, and were swiftly dealt with if they cropped up among the students.
I would go again, primarily because I firmly believe I learned valuable lessons there hat I wouldn't have at other schools.
It was a small school, but a good one. Students generally valued learning and the teachers had the authority to enforce rules. Mostly because the parents backed them up.
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