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I have enjoyed all four years I have gone here. Not only did I enjoy the learning, but the extracurricular activities, and the wonderful friends I have made who I still stay in contact with today.
This school has taught me so much about Jesus, myself, etc. I've never met such cool people in my life! Never have I had so much in common with people (I still stand out in many ways), but I'm really sad we most likely wont see each other again. It's so weird that we graduated, because I just got used to everything, got comfortable, and just started liking myself. I'm ready for a new chapter in my lilife(scared), but I can do it!
I love all of my teachers! Sure, there are times when I just don't understand it and the teacher doesn't really help explaining, but for the most part, it's pretty cool. there is not one teacher at my school who I cannot talk to you
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we don't have a cafeteria, nor do we have a library. The library I think is very unfortunate, because I like books and I like to read so I have to go to another library to take out a book instead of going to the one at my school. So I was kind of disappointed there, also our school does not like to turn up the heat which is sad. You know black people do not do well in the cold.
my school is for people who aren't health freaks. The only things they really care about are Jesus and recycling.
At my school, girls have to wear skirts that go to the name, pocket sized logo on the shirts, and no open toed shoes unless they have a back to heel. I didn't like it at first, but you have to follow rules, and also I realized that later on in my I'm going to have to deal with what it's like with no rules. I love my principal and I love the office staff and I could not ask for better people. my school is pretty big on bullying, if you get bullied you need to speak up because not everyone will speak up for you. but people at my school know that if someone is being bullied, we will stand up for them.
my school doesn't have a lots of extracurricular activities, but I work with what I have. where the girls, there is are volleyball, basketball, and soccer. I participated in all three, although all I really did was keep score in the book for volleyball, I did however participate a lot in basketball and soccer games and practices. practice is one thing that you do not and cannot skip because of how dedicated the girls on the team are and the fact they get mad at you if you skip one practice even if its just to go home and relax for one practice. After school, I realize that there really is no I in team and there's not a letter you either.
I go to a Christian school, which means it's Bible based. When I first had an interview there, the principal asked me about the Bible. Somewhat embarrassed because I didn't know the Bible, nor did I care to know. little did I know that I need this every moment in my life. This book saved me from so much and even in the past, it could have saved me even more if I had only paid attention. But because I did not I had to suffer the consequences; its ok now! I know who created me, & I know that I need to look for him. when I applied for the school, I was in 8th grade. my mother filled out the application for me, so all I had to do was just have an interview with the principal and take a test letting them know where I'm at in my academic knowledge. I honestly do not remember what I got, & I don't even know if they told me. I didn't really have to do anything for scholarship, because the schools tuition is pretty cheap and it makes my parents happy. there are no academic requirements either. They just take you as you are. this school has changed my life, because honestly I didn't even want to go here because I just didn't want to know the Bible or follow rules. and also I would have never met my best friend in the entire universe!
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