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Faith Christian has a great mission statement and was founded with great intentions. However, over the years, I think that it has forgotten why it was founded. The students are not any different from the students at any other school. I have made great memories and love the school, but their academics are not where they should be considering they call themselves college-prep.
Faith Christian School has given me more than an education. Faith Christian has given me a family and a drive to accomplish my goals. College Preparatory education and helpful teacher have given me an excellent education and many great friends.
I moved to Faith the second semester of my junior year. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. At my old school I made great grades, the teachers did not really care about your education. Some did but, some did not. At Faith all of the teachers care about your education. Also, it is a Christian school so, we can worship our God freely. I love that about this school! Everyone here is so nice and everyone is willing to go out of their way to help you.
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I attended Faith from kindergarten until I graduated. I have the tools necessary to start college. The teachers care about the students and ensure that they are prepared for college once they graduate.
With Faith Christian being a small school, where there are only 30-40 students per grade, we are so close and we consider each other as family. And that doesn't mean that we are only close to the students in our class/grad. I mean that of the High School(9th - 12th grades) students, teachers and school faculty are as much like a family as we are a school. We all watch out for one another. If we notice that another student seems to be going through something personal which is causing them to start acting depressed or detached, we will go talk to the school counselor and she will step in too help. Our school counselor is wonderful!!!

We really are a safe school and I can't think of any times where something bad has happened and the cops have had to come out because we were in fear of our safety. It is a wonderful school.
I was a student at my local public school, for 7 years, before my parents and I decided to give Faith Christian School a chance. So, because I have years of experience at both types of schools, I can say that there is nothing about Faith Christian that I would change and one day, when I have children, they will attend Faith Christian, as well.

Other than the obvious religious aspect of my school, the teachers there are absolutely amazing. They go above and beyond to help us, the students, understand and excel in the classroom. There is more one-on-one teacher/student help than that of a public school. My teachers also show us respect, as do we too them. And they NEVER chose student favorites because they genuinely care for each student the same.

I have been accepted and will be attending Jacksonville Stare University in Fall 2016 and I do NOT worry about failing any of my college courses because Faith Christian has definitely prepped and prepared me for college.
Very safe and loving environment. Teachers treat students as though they were their own children.
Several clubs and groups are available to address various interests.
Wonderful child-centered curriculum and instruction. This school always strives to do the very best.
My children attended from kindergarten through 12th grade, and received a top notch education from dedicated, loving teachers.
I love knowing her teachers throughout the years. Truly caring environment.
There's is a great P.E. class does weight training and conditioning. Also, great coaches and facilities are somewhat nice.
I love my small school and knowing everyone there. Some teachers are better than others. Course are challenging but jus enough push I need.
There is no cafeteria. Students have the option to bring your own lunch or order food from a vendor from the following restaurants: Papa Johns, Sneaky Peats, Zaxbys, Chick fil a, Jasmines Chinese Food
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