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Love the small classroom environment, it enables one-on-one learning atmosphere and relationship building. The BIGGEST problem is NEPOTISM, too many family member being hiring with limited to NO experience within the classroom and area of expertise within their arena.
What I love about Faith Christian School is that they are a very loving and Christian based school. I love the teachers. The teachers are always there to help you during and even after class. Their teaching ethics are very exemplary. I fully understand what they are teaching and it reflects on my grades. The school makes you feel so welcome and gives off a comfortable atmosphere. I love being here!
I have been at FCS since k-4 and I am so thankful to be graduating here this year! I have made so many good memories at this school over all of these years. There have been so many opportunities for me to participate in many activities and lead in many different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed being in choir, where we sing in the community as well as compete, and one of my favorite parts is the spring musical! Playing sports at Faith has been a highlight of my time here. I have made so many great friendships and learned so many life lessons. Most importantly, the opportunity for spiritual emphasis at my school has been so good for my walk as a Christian. I truly feel that as I graduate this year, I will be ready to move on into the "big world" prepared to face new challenges. Overall, I am so thankful for my time at FCS, and I hope that others will have the same opportunity to attend it as I did.
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I have been at Faith Christian for 14 years. And honestly it has been and up and down experience. It is a great place to learn about and focus on Christianity. Also, the teachers take pride in what they do and how they reach their students. But, if you are not a person for small class sizes and certain restrictions on clothes and technology, this is not the school for you.
They have National Honor Society, Beta CLub
Bullying and Active Shooter have been drilled heavily over the last few years, due to what's been happening in the nation.
I enjoyed the small class sizes, more individual attention. The students are raised in Christian environments and we study the Bible daily and I feel well prepared for life outside of this environment.
I have been a student at this school since I was 2 years old. My classmates, the majority , have been with me since Pre-K, they feel like my siblings instead of my classmates. We have seen many changes at our school over the years, our current Head Master has very open and updated ideas on how to manage a school of our size. I have played sports for this school since 6th grade and love the athletic department and its staff. I will miss the community at our school but know I am well prepared for College
The guidance counselor did not provide many information to the students about colleges or future plans.
The teachers were always willing to help and the workload was always manageable.
This school was always like a family even though everyone did not know each other they were always courteous and kind. The classrooms were always comfortable and familiar. I learned a lot at this school and not just academics but also social skills and many more important life lessons.
There was no school nurse but the teachers were aware of how to take care of any safety measures.
Most of the teachers were very knowledgeable about the subject they were teaching and were more than willing to help a student if they were struggling. They made the academics easier to understand.
I wish they would have informed me more about college especially since it was a college prep school.
It is a small school so they do not have a lot of options or many facilities but what they do have they try to make it better and they are trying to add more sports and facilities for the students.
The school always had clubs or sports that were available and mostly easy to join and they encouraged the students to participate in them.
This school mainly has kids from the social classes of upper to middle classes and it is very hard to feel accepted if you are not in those classes.
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Had good experience in sports. Classroom was difficult.
Teachers with longevity, teaching college prep classes
Buildings are god, sports facilities are excellent minus the baseball field. Guidance counselor what's that?
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