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The environment at FCA is fun, but serious about training. Laid back, but intense about success. There's a lot of focus on being prepared, but individuality is clearly valued. Turn out for events is no joke and the participation level is so high, that there's never pressure to be there. We are very happy to be a part of this community. It's the perfect balance between driven and chill. We have no doubt that they are committed and care for the children.
I went to this school all the way from pre-k to graduation day. It was my home away from home and helped to shape me into the person that I am today. While gaining and developing my Christian viewpoint, I only wish that they would allow for more room to question what our faith actually means on a personal level. This school is based on Christian principles, and this is taught throughout all sections of study. There are still all of the normal dramas that come with high schools, along with others that come along with being a private school centered around a belief system. With this being said, though, my experiences here with teachers, faculty, and students alike was like any other. There are faults to any system, and this is no less true in regards to Faith Christian Academy, but I could not have asked for a better education.
Although Faith Christian Academy is a rather small school, I wouldn't look at this as a weakness. In fact, I view it as a strength. The size of the school allows an overwhelming feeling of family and community. The class size also results in the ability for teachers to truly get to know their students and have a more personalized approach to education. The teachers truly do care about their students and want to see them succeed. I would definitely recommend any prospective student to come shadow for a day and experience the school that I've come to call my home away from home.
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All of the teachers are friendly, approachable and can change their plans on the fly. They genuinely care about all of the students there and are available to help when needed. They are all great people too.
The school goes to great lengths to ensure all faculty, staff and volunteers receive extensive health & safety training
The opportunities are plentiful and the Administration is willing to allow students the ability to start new things.
We will never consider another school for our children because of the environment and teacher involvement in our children's lives
We have two children in the school 6th and 8th grade. Our experience with the teaching staff has showed us that each and every one of the teachers not only cares about each students academic success but they are also invested into their spiritual lives. The teachers go well above and beyond their normal responsibilities as teachers and are available at almost anytime of the day or night.

As far as their teaching styles, there is a great mix of lecture style, hands on participation and teacher-student participation in class.

Will never consider any other school for our children
The school is very clean and the student nurse is very nice and approachable when it came to having any health issues.
This school has a fair amount of extracurricular activities that can be jointed. My activity was mostly sports and the student council.
This school was practically my home for over 13 years, so it was very strange coming to a larger university where I didn't know everyone.
The teachers are not only there to teach us academic information, but they are also there to be a support system. They aren't there for the money but instead to be a helping hand in any and every area.
The art program is AMAZING. Many students are talented, others are coached well. The sports are mediocre, as expected for a small private christian school but we have won some district championships many times and many of our players have been nationally recognized through sports authorities. the music program is somewhat lacking. there is no special opportunity for string players, they must play in the band which is incredibly out of tune and filled with poor players. the choirs are average and only between 30-50 students large. The chamber choir is audition only and is a great experience for talented vocalists.
Every school has its issues, but over all i feel that this school does everything it can to help its students stay healthy and safe and well rounded individuals.
The student experience is great. There are plenty of opportunities to be a well rounded student coupled with a healthy social life. Although most people in the school are genuine and kind, there are some who obviously do not want to be there and do anything they can to be kicked out. every year there are dozens of students asked to not come back the following year and many on academic probation. The school is also very opinionated and does not take a break from trying to convince its views onto others. Their is lots of acceptance towards students and their backgrounds but many things still are not tolerated such as PDA, homosexuality, etc.
The teachers at Faith Christian Academy are some of the best, kind, caring, thoughtful, engaging, enthusiastic, and prepared teachers i have had. These teachers genuinely care about what we learn, how we learn it, the fact that we learn it, and are comfortable enough to use it. Many teachers will allow themselves to fall behind on their scheduled lesson plans because we have taken a few extra days to understand a specific subject. These teachers are amazing and go above and beyond to help their students academically, socially, and emotionally.
They have great technology. Ipads for Elementary; Smart boards for every grade;

High tech security with camaras throughout school;

The teachers care and love the students
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The teachers at FCA are the best! They are always willing to help if needed and are always there for encouragement and advice. They not only teach but they develop a relationship with each student.
Our athletics are very popular. There is usually a large turn out for games, especially during soccer season. The past few years the guys have made it to states and there are always fans to cheer them on. Although there is rivalry between sports, it is typically friendly.
This past school year we had a student in a wheel chair. While it was possible for her to get to each room in the building, the routes were often totally out of the way, including going totally around the building. This is something that the school hopes to improve as the need develops.
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