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They did have a lot of extracurriculars, which I liked, but they paid more attention to sports rather than the arts. Me being a theater girl I would like to see the school get more involved in the arts programs
Faith Christian Academy has developed in me leadership skills that will help carry me to that next level. It has been implanted in me the importance of performance skills, discipline, and professionalism in and outside of my home and school.
I think faith is a great school to grow in your academics and your walk with Christ. Faith Christian Academy was a fun domain due to the individuals at FCA. The instructors and my friends all helped me through secondary school. My appreciation lays with both my educators and my companions. Certain educators resembled family and others attempted to identify with however many understudies as could be allowed. It gets disappointing being in a little school. Being a senior was the explanation I endure my last year. I realized I would have been done, in spite of the fact that that is a typical inclination with each understudy.
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I attended Faith Christian Academy (FCA) since I was in Kindergarten which means, I must have some type of love for the school. For instance, I love the environment FCA provides. It is a small, christian, and loving environment. The way I was loved there, pushed me to continue to attend the school and eventually, graduate. Something that I would change about FCA is the amount of clubs they didn't provide. It would have excelled my experience at the school if I was able to participate far more than I was already able to.
I loved the warm welcoming environment and how much the teachers genuinely care for you. If I were to change something it would be to more clubs and programs.
Faith Christian Academy was a fun environment because of the people at FCA. The teachers and my peers all helped me through high school. My gratitude lays with both my teachers and my friends. Certain teachers were like family and others tried to relate to as many students as possible. It does get frustrating being in a small school. Being a senior was the reason I survived my last year. I knew I was going to be done, although that's a common feeling with every student.

The pros of Faith was that it was incredibly diverse. There was a mixture of almost every culture in the classroom. I'm glad I went there. I wouldn't be the same without Faith Christian Academy.
Not the best private school. My child comes home complaining that their teacher does not teach, but instead has them do random work then let them use their phones when they finish. My child feels "misplaced" and gets a feeling some teachers dislike them, same with administration.
Coming from a public school Faith Christian Academy has shown me amazing Experience year round. Great teachers and administrators. Each day is a an academic challenge that I know will take me to where I want to go. The sports program allows me to use my athletic ability and love for baseball, and encourages me to pursue my dream of being in the majors one day. Teachers help students build up character inside and outside the school as well as inspire them to pursue a personal relationship with God.
From the moment I began attending till now as an alumni, it was a privilege and an honor to be part of this school. They are focused on the student's best interest in mind. With a wide variety of college readiness sources and opportunities for dual enrollment and AP courses, the administration's goal is to make sure we are ready for the world. There are an array of different extracurricular activities such as Art Club, Theater, and the National Honors Society. Most importantly, a student is not a number in the class role chart. The teachers will laugh with you or be a shoulder to cry on. They will be your friend as I myself have experienced.

Overall, it is not just a private school but a place where a student is treated as so much more than just that. I guarantee that parents and potential students will not be disappointed with the level of professionalism coupled with love that will be extended to everyone who attends.
I have attended FCA for my entire life. What I love about this school is that there is a strong Christian atmosphere. The teachers genuinely care about the students and want what is best for them, not only academically, but spiritually and personally. One thing I would like to see change is the addition of more Advanced Placement classes. This would give greater opportunities for students and possibly attract more students to come to Faith Christian Academy.
Faith Christian preschool was been the worst experience for both my child and I. I'm sadden that the first years for her preschool age has been nothing but problems.The lack of supervision is disappointing ,the front office staffs is so unprofessional and these are "Christian" people who just hides behind the name. I would never recommend this school to anyone!
Even though there are some things that you'll miss out because you go to a small christian school instead of a public school, there are also many things you'll experience that most students don't. For example, the small classroom feel is one that I wouldn't want to give up. Going to school at Faith was like having a second family. Sure, fellow peers can be annoying at times, but the overall impact of those relationships are well worth it. The school was also small enough to where you felt important, but large enough to where you didn't feel bored and like you weren't going anywhere. All in all, Faith was fun, it was challenging, and it was a great high school experience that I'll always treasure.
I believe faith Christian academy is an amazing school to attend. Not only does it help with your academics you get to grow a relationship with each one of your teachers. One plus side, since it is a private school the room size is way smaller with fewer students. Because of this you get more one on one attention if you need it as well. This is an amazing school to go to in the past 5 to 6 years that I've attended faith it was a great school.
I liked it because it was a small school and it was very personable. The teachers knew students names and treated everyone equally. They definitely cared about your education. Although I wish I was a lot more prepared for college math wise.
I love the Christian environment and the ability to be involved in so many extracurricular activities all at once
I enjoy all of the after school activities.
They all want to see us succeed .
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The bullying is not addressed nor taken seriously. The staff kids bully others and nothing is done. Parents complain and are disregarded. Speaking from experience and from other parents too. The teacher turn over is ridiculous. Great teachers have left for many reasons but one for sure is they are making them take membership in their church. The academics is a joke, they keep changing the curriculum. They don't adhere to the uniform code and the high school girls wear thing a little too tight. The exchange students are treated at a higher standard. Awful, 4 students i know have left this year and we are too.
Most teachers are great - there are always a couple that you don't mix well with.
Most people do well- mostly depends on how driven the individual is. Academically we are well prepared.
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