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The only good thing is the school is on lockdown and you need to be let in. There is no school nurse or public safety on campus. The teachers watch the kids. I would not say there is bullying, but, there is very little supervision as to what the kids are doing and saying. You may be surprised what your child comes home learning from other students. I sure was.
There are no extracurricular activities offered at this school.
I thought this would be a good change for my daughter, however, there is very little supervision or concern for the children or what the children are doing. There is very little to no homework given and you are not kept up to speed on grades or assignments. My daughter went from B's and C's to D's and F's between October and now. This school is very expensive for what you get. They also allow your children to sleep in class. They feel if they are sleeping, they need it and would not get anything out of class anyway. I never heard of such a thing. There are no extra curricular activities other than Basketball or Volleyball. There are no clubs, choir, band or several others that are offered at other private schools. This was a huge disappointment and a waste of money and time. You do not pay for a private education and have your child be allowed to fail. That is just unacceptable.
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No communication from teachers. They allow the class work and homework to not be completed and don't tell you about it. I did not ever think you would pay for a private education and they would allow your child to fail at a private school. I am very disappointed . You pay a lot of money for this school and there are no extra curricular activities or clubs or sports. Just basketball and volleyball are available. They also do not offer any electives. It is just a school for regular courses to be taken.
Most of the teachers are helpful and some will go above and beyond.
Old building rented from the county because it doesn't meet their standards and they moved. Bathrooms are pathetic. Gym and locker room are below average. Football field is only half a field. The other half was sold and is a parking lot. Parents don't invest time in the school. Guidance councelor is ok but not exceptional and emphasis is on local or in-state colleges.
You get out what you put into it.
One of the teachers is also a nurse and he is pretty helpful.
School has non extra money to put into sports or weight lifting. Coaches are all volunteer and quality varies year by year as does what sports are offered.
Food is ok for those without dietary restrictions.
I am in college now and am doing well. I believe the school helped prepare me for this, but my family and personal desires were more potent drivers than school.
The school worked for me because I'm dedicated to my studies and the school is involved in the sport I play. It's just a small school and to keep the tuition low, certain things can't be done.
The clubs are of good quality and variety. The sports programs need a lot of work.
The administration is not open to much of what is important to the students.
Principal is unreasonable. Head-mistress is great but sees everything through rose-colored glasses. Most teachers want to help but there is not enough control over the environment. Drugs are prominent at school as evidenced by a drug screen of a sports team a few years ago. The school has grown too large for what the head-mistress is trying to accomplish and the wrong people are in charge. The head-mistress is amazing and makes the school worth attending.
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