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Faith Christian Academy has an excellent staff that is quick to help students. The principle runs the school in a firm but fair manner and is very supportive of the teachers and students alike. The teachers have a reservoir of experience and are easy to understand and learn from.
When you go to FCA, you become friends with your classmates almost instantly, and you find that they are very open and friendly when you first met them. The teachers genuinely are invested in your academic future and actively seek to get you ready for college. I would definitely recommend FCA for those who want to be challenged academically.
Faith was a great experience. I learned a lot about how to get started on my future, especially in my last couple years.
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Faith Christian Academy is an excellent school with amazing programs and academics. Not only does Faith offer an outstanding opportunity for learning but also a love and devotion of Christ.
Our children have had an excellent experience, both academically and socially, at FCA. Highly recommended.
Our oldest child attended FCA and is currently thriving at university. We also have a 12th grader at FCA and we are exceedingly pleased with Faith on every level. Highly recommend!
No academic clubs. Players on sport teams are highly favored. No competition or decent coaches in sports.
There are fun experiences such as high school retreats and banquets. The school is unique because it is a Christian organization. I was forced to attend this school.
Most teachers leave notes on the board for students to copy. Only one teacher is interested in finding answers to questions.
The school has safety measure in place.
Because this school has a small student population, there are not many options for extra-curricular activities.
All schools have positives and negatives; this school is no exception.
The teachers are very caring and interactive within the students' lives. They invest not only in their academic lives but their personal lives as well.
There are rarely any fights or violent disputes at this school. The health and safety policies are fine, and the school is an overall safe place to be.
All of the school's facilities are kept clean and accessible. Guidance counselors, tutoring, and other personnel-involved activities are also easy to get involved with.
The teachers at the school do not just teach the students, but also befriend them. The students even go to the teachers about life issues.
The staff is very knowledgeable and caring. Their mission is for the students' success not just in academics, but spiritually as well.
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There are no-bullying, online, driving, dress-code, and sports policies. The administration is helpful and quick to respond in most cases.
The application process is online and simple. After the online application, an interview is requested.
Although the school participates in a small number of sports, it emphasizes upright character and hard work above winning. As for clubs, clubs meet on a weekly basis and are administered by the teachers. The clubs are also very diverse and interesting, ranging from robotics to dodgeball. My personal favorites are soccer and dodgeball.
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