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I love the Christian environment I am in each day where I am being taught about the Bible. I have grown up at Faith all my life and it has become like my home.
The staff and teachers are very encouraging and want the best for their students! It’s a great school to be apart of.
I enjoyed faith for many reasons. It helped me further strengthen my faith. Gave me real dependable friendships. It also opened my eyes to distinguish the culture I want to be apart of compared to the culture I was actually apart of.
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I have been here at Faith Christian Academy since K5. Overall, my experience has been very good. This a great school, but there are occasional inconsistencies in the enforcing of rules. This school has great teachers who care about their students and know what the are talking about.
Faith Christain Academy is one of the best schools I have attended in my area. I have attended Norwayne and Northwest Elementary, and both of these schools do not compare to the education at Faith Christain Academy. The Athletic program needs a little work, but we just had the gym floor renovated and changed our logo. The teachers here actually care about our grades and have we excel in their class. I would highly recommend Faith Christian Academy for your family!
The teachers at FCA have your best interests at heart. They will do whatever they need to do in order for you to succeed. It is a small class room setting so more one-on-one interaction with the teachers and staff. All of the teachers are here because they love teaching, love their students, and love the Lord otherwise they would not be working for a Christian school.
this is the best school ever this is the best school ever
this is the best school ever this is the best school ever
this is the best school ever this is the best school ever
this is the best school ever this is the best school ever
this is the best school ever this is the best school ever
I have attended FCA for 13-14 years. I have enjoyed being here at faith. The teachers are nice, and they are always willing to help. I recommend this school to parents who want their children to have a good Christian education.
Faith Christian Academy focuses on a child's spiritual walk, while teaching them the academics that they need to make a difference in their community. While Faith Christian Aademy is a rather small school, it has many opportunities to get on a personal with each student. It would be nice to see the school as a whole get involved in the community.
In elementary school, the experience is great learning about Christ and everything else. In high school, the education is great. There is one teacher that will go out of their way to talk to the students, but they always put their hand on either your shoulder or back which is a little uncomfortable for girls. Disciplinary is inconsistent with the different classes. The class sizes are small which is a good thing, but there is a greater chance of being bullied.
I started to come to Faith in the seventh grade, and since then I have only grown even more as a Christian. The focus of this Christian school is to help others grow academically but most importantly spiritually. This school has helped me become the person I am today.
It's a great school all around
It is a great atmosphere for learning.
They really care about each student. They try to make students work and learn the feeling of working hard to accomplish much.
FCA is a wonderful place. It may not be perfect, but it strives to assist the parent in the spiritual, academic, and social development of each child. I was a student at Faith and now send my three children to the school. They have a high rate of second and third generation families. It is a place that changed my life as a student and now changes the life of my kids. The teacher balance discipline with love and desire to positively impact each child for eternity. It's more than a school, it's a haven in the educational arena.
technology is used in almost every class as a tool to accomplish the educational goal, facilities are superb and very well kept, college resources improving
Strong but important policies, administration has a strong desire to assist parent and goes above and beyond, office staff is helpful, strong bullying policy, use technology regularly in high school but network is very secure and safe
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Strong JV and Varsity sports programs. Elementary, JR High and Sr High State Fine Arts Competitions in art, platform, drama and music. They offer Spanish 1st-10th and computer ed starts in 4th grade. School is very committed to state and tri-state competitions.
Very secure campus. All doors are security locked and must have key card for access. Hallways and most classrooms have cameras for constant monitoring for safety. Strong bullying policy. Safety seems to be paramount.
the teachers go beyond to help their students
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